Hi, I’m Josephine

I work with people who are aching to escape their 9-5 and take their side-hustle full-time.


My Purpose

To create freedom for myself and others.

It’s always been about freedom for me, freedom to live the life I longed for and do the work I love. So I built my side-hustle into an escape route and waved my 9-5 goodbye for good. 

My mission

Is to help side-hustlers make an action plan and boost their productivity so that they can grow their side-hustle in to an escape route from their 9-5 and live the lifestyle they long for. 

Simple as that!

Your side-hustle can be your escape route from the 9-5. You just need an action plan and the know-how to work smarter, not harder.

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My Story

I was never very good at following the rules of a 9-5, the corporate environment was totally wrong for me. I felt an ache inside, a desperation for freedom, a need to escape my 9-5 and be my own boss. So, I built my side-hustle into my escape route and got out of there. 

That makes it sound like it was simple, it wasn’t. There were 7 years between starting my first side-hustle and leaving my 9-5. Along the way there were high’s and lows (usually within the same day) and I found myself on the most intensive course of learning, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

What that 7 years of side-hustling looked like


  • Started my first side-hustle (a blog) as a creative outlet that wasn’t being fulfilled by my desk job.

  • I experimented and followed my curiosity. One idea led to another, and another. Which created a winding path to figuring out what I wanted to do over time. 


  • Evolved my side-hustle into a successful and sustainable product-based business.

  • I learned SO MUCH from growing that side-hustle as my first ‘serious business’.

2017 - December

  • Had the AH-HA moment while doing my year-end planning, that where my strengths really lay is in planning and productivity (which shouldn’t have been a shock really because I’d already retrained at work to become a project manager owing to my love of timelines and making projects happen).

  • Combined my absolute passion for finding freedom and that ah-ha moment to pivot my business to what I do now; planning and productivity mentoring for side-hustlers who want to escape their 9-5.


  • Went part-time in my 9-5 to give me more time to focus on my business.

  • I developed my skillset, took courses and had coaching to help me develop my business and get closer to escaping my 9-5.

2019 - March

  • Took my side-hustle full-time, after a year of developing my content, building and nurturing my audience and starting to sell my services on the side of my part-time 9-5.

As you can see, it was a long and winding path to get to where I am now, but I’ve learned so much and found the thing that fills me up, gives me energy and allows me to live the lifestyle I longed for. What does that look like? Well, it’s working from my home out in the countryside, having the freedom to walk the dogs or take a bath at any time of day, being able to sit next to the fire as I work in winter and work from my garden in summer.

I know, I know, you want a piece of that too. 

My mission is to save you some of the heartache along the way to building your side-business by sharing what I learned from my experience. I want to help you cut some corners where it took me months to figure things out like how to plan effectively and make the most of the time you’ve got to dedicate to your business.

Ultimately, I want to help you create an action plan and boost your productivity so that you too can escape your 9-5 and live the lifestyle you long for, in a lot less time than it took me.

My Values



To do the work you love and build the slower lifestyle you long for  


There’s power in side-hustling

It’s how I created my door to freedom and the lifestyle I longed for, how powerful that!?

Work smarter, not harder

Levelling up your side-hustle is about doing less and focussing on the stuff that really matters


Work to your strengths

At school and work we’re told to develop our weaknesses. I strongly disagree with this approach. Focus on your strengths, that’s where you bring your magic. 


 How I can help you escape your 9-5

On the off chance you’re aching to escape your 9-5, you long for the freedom to do the work you really love and live the lifestyle you dream of, I’m here to help you make a plan, work smarter (not harder) and side-hustle your way out of there, so that you can wave goodbye to your 9-5.

The Blog

I share posts and videos each week about planning and productivity for side-hustlers as well as the other elements that come with building a business on the side of other commitments.

On The Make

My podcast comes out every Monday and is a mixture of interviews, mentoring sessions and solo episodes where we chat everything side-hustling and building a business.

The Side-Hustle Mail

My monthly email comes packed with productivity tips and challenges for your side-hustle as well as links to resources I've recently enjoyed. When you’re signed up you’ll also get access to my free resources.

1:1 Mentoring

My 1:1 mentoring package is dedicated to helping you take your side-business to the next level and get closer to escaping your 9-5, with my full support over 3 months.

Get in touch

You can also get in touch with me at hello[at]josephinebrooks.co.uk

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 Q&A time

  • Where’s your favourite place to be? At the top of a blustery hill walking my dogs, having a barbecue in the garden in summer or getting cosy by the fire with a cup of tea and blanket on a winter’s evening. 

  • What makes you happiest? A good cup of tea, the sun on my face, my dogs acting like idiots, getting outdoors, fresh flowers. It’s always the little things in life.

  • Introvert or extrovert? I’m an ISTJ and according to the Myers Briggs test I’m 85% Introverted. My introvert-time is something I fiercely put boundaries around because I need my alone time to function. A handy side to working from home for the introverts among us!

  • What are some of the things you value in your own life? I’m working on living with less and reducing my waste by finding products that come in recyclable, non-plastic packaging. I’m also working on finding my style and building a sustainable capsule wardrobe. After all, there’s no plan-et B.

  • What’s your guilty secret? My dogs sleep on the bed (I can’t say no to those gorgeous faces) and I listen to The Archers.

  • What’s your special talent? Burning toast

  • What are you scared of? Needles! I’m honestly so scared of needles, I haven’t had an injection since I was 11, I need to sort that out!

  • Did you go to university? Yes, I studied horses, no really.