I help side-hustlers build a business that fosters freedom and fulfilment in their lives, by helping them manage their time more effectively and giving them tools to be more productive. 

You see, Freedom is most important to me over anything else. The freedom you feel when you’re stood at the top of a blustery hill, the freedom to do more of what you love or having the freedom to choose what you’re going to do today. 

Having a side-hustle is the best way to foster freedom and fulfilment in your life. It’s certainly been that way for me.


Josephine Brooks About

My story

My first side-hustle came about because  I felt an itch to do something more creative, so I started a craft blog. I quickly became obsessed with my new side-hustle and put all of my energy into it. Then I started selling my handmade homewares online and got the bug for having a creative business. 

One New Year’s Eve I had a lightbulb moment. I’d spent the day making an action plan for the next year. I sat back to review my handy work, the charts, the plans, the timelines and in that moment,  it hit me. What I love most is making action plans, making my time more efficient, finding new strategies to increase my productivity and growing my side-hustle into a successful business.  

So now I combine my 8 years of side-hustling experience & project management knowledge from my day-job to help side-hustlers build a business that fosters freedom and fulfilment in their lives too.

In the last year I’ve gone part-time at work and in January I’ll be taking my side-hustle full time! It fills me with so much fear and uncertainty but it’s time to be courageous and chase that freedom I want so much. I’m hoping one day you’ll get to do what you love full-time too - that’s what drives me to help as many side-hustlers as I can.

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But Building a successful side-business isn’t a walk in the park

Having a side-hustle has presented all sorts of opportunities that would never have come my way without one. I’ve learned so much, I’ve gained lots more skills and I’ve earned more money. I’ve connected and become friends with amazing people and most of all it’s given me more freedom to do what I love. 

But over the last 8 years I’ve also experienced first-hand the struggles, challenges and self-doubt that comes with setting up a creative side-business.  I’ve worked through some tough times, figuring out how I can build my side-hustle without completely burning out, finding a way to make my side-hustle time as productive and effective as possible. I’ve also had to create a new routine and find ways to juggle my time between my side-hustle and my job as well as learning how to make an action plan for my side-business that will make some big things happen. It’s not been easy but I’ve loved the journey.

If you’re nodding along right now, you’re not alone. I get it!

I’ve been there! And I can help

There’s lots of ways I help side-hustlers with planning and productivity and I put all of the good stuff in my monthly Side-Hustle Mail that I send out each month. It’s packed with productivity & time management tips for your side-hustle and challenges to take your side-hustle to the next level. Sign up below.

There’s also lots of content about side hustling and overcoming the challenges and struggles that come with is on my podcast and blog. Grab a cuppa and flick through the archives. Early next year you’ll also be able to work with me one-on-one or in a group.

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9 useless facts about me..

  • Total tea addict - but I recently went decaf so Tick Tock earl grey is my new favourite

  • Lefty - as in left handed, let’s not get into politics here!

  • Introvert - There’s nothing I love more than an evening to myself to have a hot bath and read magazines

  • Trying to live with less - I’m working on my capsule wardrobe

  • My dogs sleep on the bed - sorry if that grosses you out but I just can’t say no to them!

  • Talented at burning toast

  • Supporter of independent and ethical brands wherever possible

  • Country Bumpkin through and through - I love living in the countryside all year round

  • I have a degree on horses - no really…