3 Tips For Writing More Impactful To-Do Lists [video]

We all love a to-do list don’t we? It’s something that helps us feel that little bit more in control. The problem is, those lists can very quickly get out of control. For me that looks like having lists in my phone notes, lists in my weekly planner, lists on sticky notes dotted around the house and even more lists in a google doc I sometimes dump ideas in. It’s kinda messy.

The best thing you can do in this situation is to get your to-do list back under control. Recalibrate and refocus so that you’re not darting from one task to the next, without making much of a dent in any of them.

3 tips for writing more impactful to do lists that you'll actually finish | Time Management for creatives | To do list tips | Creative business productivity | Josephine Brooks

The other watch out with to-do lists is that writing them can often become a procrastination method from doing the actual work. The longer we spend writing to-do lists the longer we can put off doing that scary or difficult next task on the list.

In this video I’m sharing three very quick and easy tips to help you write more impactful to-do lists that will provoke action. The idea is that these few pointers will help you get to a place where you’re writing to-do lists that you’ll actually get to the end of each day. Roll on that finished to-do list feel good factor!

  1. Gather all of your to-do’s together in one place. Search through those phone notes, gather together all of those sticky note and torn off sheets of paper with to-do’s on it and write one big master list of all of your to-do’s. Don’t worry if it’s looking overwhelming right now, we’ll deal with that next.

  2. Scale back. it’s time to take some tasks off your list. Ask yourself what’s not making enough of an impact, what’s not important right now, what can go on the back burner for a bit. Remember, productivity is about doing less and focussing on just the things that make a difference.

  3. Get into the habit of writing yourself a daily to-do list with a realistic amount of task on it for just one day. To do this try using my must do and could do approach. Look at your master to do list, what are the exxentials for today, what’s urgent? Write yourself a Must Do list with a maximum of three things on there.

    Once you’ve done that you can put a few things on your Could Do list, these are the things that it would be nice to get done but aren’t urgent right now. If you get round to them, great! If you don’t it’s no bother. Think of the. Must Do list as your daily to do list.

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3 Tips for Writing More Impactful To-Do Lists | Finishing your to do list | How to get stuff done in a creative business | Time management for creative business | Josephine Brooks