5 Ways to Keep Yourself Accountable to your Goals

You’ve put time and energy into creating a 12-week plan and setting your goals. You know exactly what you need to do to achieve those goals and you’re feeling excited to get moving with making it all happen.

You might also be feeling a sense of calm, and feel totally in control right now of where your business is heading. But what happens if, come week five, you feel like you’re walking through treacle. You’re right in the middle of making that amazing project a reality and you’ve just reached the inevitable (but often necessary) boggy bit where you’re feeling overwhelmed and you question whether you should just give up.

What’s going to keep you motivated throughout your 12-week plan?

5 ways to keep yourself accountable to your goals and plans, Accountability tools, Creative business tools - Josephine Brooks

When I’m working on a new project or launching a new service or product, I go straight to my favourite, tried and tested accountability tools. I now have a set of go-to accountability tools that I use over and over again, and they work for me every. damn. time.

It’ll be the same for you. It’s just a case of figuring out which accountability tools work for you and experimenting with a few different approaches.

In this video I’m sharing five accountability tools to help keep you accountable to achieving your goals

5 of my favourite tools to help keep you accountable to your 12-week plan

Set a public deadline

This is my favourite accountability tool that I use time and time again. For a lot of us we need to feel an external sense of expectation to help us stay accountable to our goals. This can be created by telling your audience / online community about what you’re working on and when it’s going to be live / finished / available to buy or pre-order.

You can do this in your instagram stories, on your podcast, in a blog or your newsletter. Once they’re expecting to see that thing from you, completed on the date you’ve announced, you’ll feel that extra level of accountability that can help you get on and achieve your goal.

Set up an accountability partnership

Perhaps there’s someone you’re regularly talking to on social media, you comment on each other’s posts and you send each other DM’s. Why not send them a message and see if they fancy setting up an accountability partnership?

This could look like meeting once a month for a coffee or Skype chat and chatting about business. You could set goals with each other once a month and check in regularly to see how each other’s getting on. When you catch up for your next call/ coffee you can see how you’ve both got on, talk through what you’ve learned or struggled with and then repeat the process for the next month.

Offer your services / products on pre-sale

This is the next step up from setting a public deadline. With putting your services / products on pre-sale you’ve got that extra level of accountability, because people have paid you for the thing before it’s quite ready, giving you the push you need to finish your project and achieve your goal.

With my recent workbooks launch for Make a Plan and Make it Happen, I put them both on sale before I’d finished them. I had the first few pages designed and a solid first draft of the content, but that was it. As soon as I had pre-sale orders coming in, it put a rocket under me to finish off the workbooks.  

Put your money where your mouth is

If you’ve been saying you want to run workshops, put the deposit down the venue and set a date. If you’ve been wanting to learn something new to help you run your business more effectively or provide more value to your clients, pay for that course and if you’ve been wanting to invest in 1:1 mentoring for your side-hustle, book that mentor or coach.

Often putting a chunk of money into something can up our conviction to make it happen. It can help us take the project or our business more seriously and make us feel that if we’ve invested in the mentor, venue, course etc we’d better get on do the thing - because we don’t want to waste that investment.

Join a supportive community or group

Through running my workshops and speaking at creative business events this year, I’ve seen just how powerful coming together with a group of like-minded people can be. They get what you’re going through, they understand the challenges and the wins as well. It can instantly make you feel a less alone and understood, because the people around you are all going through similar stuff.

It’s this kind of support that can give us the confidence boost and added level of accountability that we need to go and make that goal a reality. You can find this sort of support and accountability in free facebook groups and membership groups or communities. Start by having a search on Facebook for groups that feel aligned with you and your business, that feel positive and engaged. You could also have a look for in-person workshops and events. I know that having a follow up call after my workshops helps to keep people accountable to making their plans a reality, and I’ve see first hand how effective that added level of support and accountability is.

Have you heard about the community I’m launching? It might be just what you need to get the support and accountability you’ve been looking for.

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This community is about genuine conversations, getting inspired and finding the accountability you need to make things happen in your business.

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The 5 accountability tools you need to help you stay accountable to your goals and plans, Accountability tools for creative business owners - Josephine Brooks
Josephine Brooks