A Recipe for Pivoting Your Business - The Essential Ingredients

Later this month it’ll be my 31st birthday and this year feels like a milestone of sorts. This time last year I shared a post: Time is Precious – Do What You Love. That was the turning point in my business, the point I let everyone in on why I was pivoting my business to focus on what I’m really nerdy about and what I really LOVE doing.

I don’t mind admitting it, I’ve achieved a hell of a lot over the last 12-months.

Yes, that feels very boast-y and uncomfortable to say but I think it’s important to celebrate our wins and encourage others to do it too, So here I am giving you the permission, to celebrate and shout about your wins. Why not stop for a moment and make a mental list of the milestones you’ve reached over the last 12 months - I bet there’s more there than you think. 

A recipe for pivoting your business - the essential ingredients | Josephine Brooks

I’m proud of what I’ve created and shared since my last birthday. I’ve launched a podcast that’s now been coming out weekly for 8 months, I've built a new website and completely overhauled my content, I’ve run my first e-course and started working one-on-one with clients. The bit I’m most excited about is that I’m truly LOVING what I do. 

This didn’t happen by accident through. It turns out there’s a recipe for pivoting your business. There are some essential ingredients you need for building a business you LOVE. For me, a lot of things have slotted into place over the last year and there are four essential ingredients that have helped that happen in a big way:

Get intentional

I’ve put this first because it really is the most important ingredient. If you don’t have this it’ll be like baking a cake without eggs. It won’t work. Even when you’re doing something you’re wholeheartedly connected to you still need to be intentional about what projects you’re focussing on and making the time for your side-hustle.

If you think this might be the missing pillar, start by making an action plan for your side-hustle and go from there.

Create a support network

I’m going to go out there and say it’s not even possible to build a business without a support network for you and your business. For me it’s something I’ve invested in hugely over the last 12 months, whether that’s money (nearly £3k in fact) or time, spent making connections with like-minded people. My support network consists of friends who are also side-hustling, Insta-friends who I regularly exchange DMs with, Facebook groups, communities I joined as part of e-courses I’ve taken, I’ve worked with a coach, I’ve gone to conferences and workshops and I’ve made some lovely friends online who support me and in return I do the same for them.

If you’re wanting to give your support network a bit of maintenance have a search for Facebook groups where you might find like-minded people, send an email to that coach or mentor you’ve been thinking about working with, DM the fellow side-hustler you constantly find yourself chatting with on social media and see if they fancy meeting for a coffee. Your support network is your safety net in many ways so do what you can to give your support network a spring-spruce up. (I know it’s not officially spring but I’m writing this from a recliner in my garden so…).

Taking notes and eating pastries

Routine and Habits

Having a routine and creating healthy habits is something that’s helped me stay organised and on track with my rolling 12-week plans. Whether that’s been planning my weeks every Sunday evening, making sure I go for a walk each day or having my regular theme day each Friday where I work on either content, imagery, podcast and outreach on a 4-week rolling cycle it’s all helped me get-stuff-done.

Whatever your schedule looks like it’s possible to create a routine that works for you and your lifestyle. Whether that’s just setting aside one evening a week to work on your side-hustle or setting up theme days so that you can batch tasks together and get more efficient with your time. I wrote a post about setting yourself up with a productivity boosting routine that might be a good place to start.

Do what you LOVE

I’ve tapped into doing something I’m REALLY nerdy and passionate about and because I’m doing the work I LOVE, it comes a lot more easily. It’s easier to do just about anything when it’s part of building a business you’re wholeheartedly excited and passionate about.

If there’s a niggling feeling inside you that there’s something you’d LOVE to be doing; just do it. See how you can get started in a small way, experiment, just take the first step. You’ll never regret it. And if you need any more convincing have a listen to my chat with Becky Cole on episode 3 of my podcast on slow living and being intentional about creating the lifestyle you long for

If you can get all four of those ingredients into the mix with building your business you’ll be well on the way to creating a business that you not only love but that’s also sustainable and not least, gives you an opportunity to create an escape route from your 9-5.

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4 Essential Ingredients for Pivoting Your Business | Josephine Brooks