How to Break your Projects Down into Appetising Chunks

You know those big, exciting projects that you have in mind for your business that you never start because they just look ginormous? The ones that would make a huge impact on your business but they just feel too big and you don't know where to start. Well, you can achieve those big dreams and goals, it's just a case of breaking down your projects into appetising chunks.

It's putting one foot in front of the other rather than looking at the whole mountain you've got to climb

Over the last month I’ve been knitting a jumper, if you follow me on Instagram you'll have seen my work in progress. All I’ve ever knitted before is one sock so I wasn’t sure how it would go, but I’ve finished it! It feels like an incredible feat for someone who struggles to find the time to just sit and knit. 

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One of the reasons why I managed to finish this project was down to the knitting pattern. The jumper was broken down into 3 areas, the sleeves, the front and the back. So from that start I wasn’t ever looking at knitting a whole jumper, it was just the different sections. I started with the sleeves as they were the easiest bits and once I’d finished those I was already a quarter of the way to having a new jumper.

Within each section, each row was broken down. Armed with my clicker counter, each time I finished a row I clicked the counter to add up the rows. Slowly, row by row I got to 97 rows and the front of the jumper was done. By just taking it row by row and not looking at the 97 rows as a whole I managed to finish the jumper by just doing a few rows each evening - it soon added up.  

Knitting on the sofa with a blanket and black Labrador knitting

So, what I’m getting at here is that growing your creative business and working on the different projects you have is just like knitting a jumper, You need to break it down.

Here's how to break your next project down into appetising chunks

1) Take the project you’ve had on your mind for ages

Take that Idea that won’t leave you alone but seems too big to start. Take that project and break it down into 3 sections. These sections don’t need to be equal in proportion, remember what I did with the jumper? I did the easiest bit first, the sleeves. So, is there a smaller chunk of your project that you’re excited to get working on which you can get under your belt fairly quickly to get you moving? Make this section your sleeves. 

Knitting a chunky knit jumper on the sofa with a cup of tea

2) Break it down

Once you’ve got your project broken down into 3 take each of those 3 sections and break them down further. Create your 'rows' if you will. Break down the tasks you’ll need to do to finish each section into the smallest chunks possible. Think of every little thing you’ll need to do, right down to ‘googling materials’ or ‘set sewing machine up’. Make each of these actions as small and appetising as possible, this will help you get them done over time by just talking 2/3 tasks a day. 

3) Make it visible

When you’ve got each action written down underneath the three sections, stick it on the wall, put it on your desk where you work, write each step into your calendar. Put your project breakdown somewhere where you'll see it everyday and start working on a couple of actions each day.

It's amazing to see how taking small steps each day can soon add up to achieving something amazing. By just working on a couple of actions per day, whatever you have the time and energy for, over time adds up to big things happening in your side-hustle.

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