Getting Out of a Confidence Crisis in Your Business

Over the past month it’s been very busy and noisy in my head. Ideas come in like fleeting fireflies and if you don’t capture them when they appear that little spark of light goes out before the next idea comes in. Thoughts, worries and questions keep firing – ping, ping, ping!  They come in to my consciousness and leave quickly, as they get pushed out of the way by the next worry.

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How to Get Started with Journaling

Journalling is one thing that has seriously helped me build my business and tap into growing a business that’s right for ME and not by doing all of the things we’re told we ‘should’ be doing to build a business.

By putting pen to paper something magical happens, it helps you to dig out the answers that are already inside you, it helps you tap into your intuition and find clarity in the thrusts and feeling you’re experiencing.

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Staying in Your Lane & Building a Business That's So YOU!

In my reflections from last year, there's one thing that keeps popping up. It won't leave me alone, it springs to mind when I'm driving, walking the dogs, in the bath! And it's a biggie: What does staying in my own lane look like? How can I do things my way? Can I find more ease in my work and do things that best fit with my strengths, ‘zones of genius’, my special sauce, if you will? How can I make my business more ‘me’? 

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How to Make Your Business More Meaningful

Have you noticed how much more concious people are getting about their consumer choices at the moment? I know I, myself have got a lot more conscious of reducing my plastic consumption and supporting brands who have a sustainability policy I can get on board with, I’ve also opened my eyes up to checking out brand’s policies on inclusivity and representation. This is sometimes referenced to as voting with your dollars.

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What Does Success Mean to You & What Does it Feel Like?  

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking success is all about external factors, what you own, where you’re going on holiday, your job title. We think that way about success because it’s the lie we’re fed constantly through advertising, the narrative the media uses and the cultural norms that are ingrained in our society. In fact, if you search online for ‘define success’, the result?

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