Changing Your Plan for the Day When You Wake up Lacking Energy

We all have days when we wake up feeling like cr*p, when we're lacking energy or motivation and the reality is that we can't expect ourselves to have the same levels of energy on every day of the year. In fact, nature doesn’t bloom all year round does it? So, why do we expect ourselves to?

I’ve found a much more productive way of working, and that’s not having my bum on a seat from 9-5, it’s listening to my body and reacting to my own levels of energy throughout the day. The first step towards this is to have a little more empathy for yourself and start making changes to your plan on those days when you wake up lacking energy.

For those days when you wake up really not feeling it - how to change your plan

Here are 3 methods for changing your plan on those days when you wake up feeling rubbish - because we all have those days!

1. be kind to yourself

I’ve found that when I fight the feelings of tiredness, lacking energy or lacking motivation I end up not doing my best work and making myself feel even worse. I’ve learned that listening to my body and taking time out when I’m feeling rubbish is the best way to recharge myself for the next time I go to work on my business.

Be kind to yourself, listen to what your body’s telling you and give yourself a week, evening, day off if you need to.

2. prioritise!

There are always more important actions on your to do list, what my priorities are will differ on different days. When I’m feeling energised there will be more on my priorities list than the days when I feel rubbish.

Take your to do list and be really honest with yourself - what’s a priority for today. What are the absolute essentials and try to limit yourself to a maximum of 2-3 things if you’re having an off-day.

3. separate the brain-work and the easy-work

This is something I came up with over the summer. So, let me explain. There are two types of work that I need to do in my business. Brain-work (writing blog posts, redesigning my homepage, creating my 12-week plan) and then there’s easy-work (for me that’s pinning my blog images to Pinterest, editing images, packaging up and posting orders - stuff I can get done from the sofa in front of the TV).

For you your brain-work and easy-work will be different tasks, have a think about what your brain-work and your easy-work tasks are. The next time you wake up feeling demotivated or with little energy do the easy-work. Do the work that you can get done from your sofa, that way it shouldn’t be using up much mental energy at all but you’re still moving your business forward that day and getting things done.

Changing Your Plan for the Day When You Wake up Lacking Energy, video | Josephine Brooks