Creative Business & Nature - The Parallels Between

When the days are getting longer and spring is finally making an appearance, the idea of getting outdoors starts to get more and more appealing. Last week I did something I haven’t treated myself to in a while, a whole day of exploring new places and photographing the beauty of spring. At the end of the day I felt refreshed, recharged and content.

Regardless of the time of year, I’ve found that getting outdoors for something as simple as a half-hour walk is the best way to relax and let the ideas flow. It’s when I get my best business ideas and when those brick walls, that I come up against when staring at a screen, start to fall down.

This spring I’ve been noticing more and more parallels between nature and my creative business

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On my day of exploring I went for a walk in the woods near my house and I could see fresh, vivid shoots emerging from the forest floor and birds swooping to collect moss to build their nests with. It hit me that the same things were happening in my business.

My business was growing fresh, optimistic shoots. I was excited about the new ideas and projects I was working on. At the same time I was building my metaphorical nest, creating a business that will stand the test of time, where I can feel comfortable in my work and that I can take pride in.

If anyone knows consistency, it’s Nature

Nature can be so inspiring, I think it’s magical that each year the leaves fall and the foliage dies right back, only to return the following spring, without fail each year. In spring we eagerly await the blossom and seas of bluebells. In Autumn we take joy in the colour and falling leaves.

Consistency is something that’s also essential to growing a handmade business and something that’s not always easy to commit to. This year spring took a long time coming. We had two weekends of snow in March and everything felt so far behind where it should have been, but the leaves and shoots still came back, at a slower pace maybe, but they still came back.

Spring in Hampshire, New Forest pony eating gorse

Nothing in Nature blooms all year round

I love the varied pace of the seasons. Spring feels busy, optimistic and proud. Summer feels more relaxed and gentle. Autumn is productive and all about preparation for the winter, which is calm, clear and stripped back.

Often I find myself wanting to be 100% productive every single day and get disheartened when I don't cross all of the to-dos off my list. So maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take a leaf out of nature’s book and go with the seasons that come to my business. I can't expect to be blooming all year round, there will be seasons of struggle and seasons where I don't feel like blooming for a while. 

We don’t need to be aiming for maximum growth all of the time, sometimes it’s ok to shed some of the responsibilities or tasks you’ve burdened yourself with, rather than take on more.

Most of all, on my day of exploring I really noticed how spending time in nature inspires me and helps to recharge my batteries. When's the last time you treated yourself to a day of pure exploring?

If there’s a place or area that you’ve had on your list to visit for a while now, block a day out and go for an adventure, I can’t recommend it enough. Take your camera, a notebook and treat yourself to a delicious lunch in that cute little cafe you’ve been meaning to go to for ages. Go on, I dare you!

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