What's Your Definition of Success

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Have you ever questioned what your personal definition of success is and what you really want from your creative business?

SO, I just googled 'success define' and got: The attainment of fame, wealth, or social status.

But, in my experience, I find that most makers and designers don’t have ambitions along those lines at all. In most cases, they haven't started their business so that they can earn six-figures or buy a yacht after 5 years of business and retire to the Caribbean (as tempting as that sounds). The makers and designers I know are creating a business or side hustle that can support them long term, in creating the lifestyle they want to live.

Do you remember why you started making and designing?

It could have been to earn enough so that you could wave goodbye to a corporate job or to it could have been to cut the commuting and watch your children grow up. Whatever the reason it’s good to keep checking in on why you’re running your own creative business and whether what you’re doing is supporting the lifestyle you want to create in the long term.

It can be really easy to lose sight of why you started when you’re in the day to day running off your business. If you're feeling like you may have lost your way a little, here are a few questions to ask yourself to get back on track

1) What are your personal dreams and ambitions?

This might be to spend more quality time with your family or earn enough to be your own boss, by doing what you love.

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2) How do you feel about your business right now?

Dig deep into your gut feelings - is there a product that’s been on your mind for ages that you haven't given yourself permission to make yet? Is there anything that's making you feel icky about your business or is part of your business feeling a little unloved at the moment? What is your gut feeling really telling you?

3) What’s important to you and your business?

You might make a completely unique and special product that people love or be solving a problem for your customers in a really authentic way. It might be that having an eco friendly creative process and packaging is really important to you. Think hard about what makes you feel good about yourself and your business.

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  1. Look back over your answers to these questions and ask yourself if there are any patterns in there? Is what your doing in your business supporting your long term personal aspirations and dreams? 
  2. If not, think about what changes you can put in place which will steer you more in the direction of creating the business you want and the lifestyle you want to live.
  3. Take action on those things and steer your business ship in the direction of what success means to you not everyone else. 
What's your definition of success? How do you want to design your lifestyle, How to shape your creative business around your values