5 Ways to Reveal Your Biggest Creative Business Strengths

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Being aware of your strengths can help you shape your business around your strongest skills, where you really bring your magic and that's why I am big believer in working on your strengths rather than your weaknesses

Generally speaking in school reports and later, work reviews we're be told to work on our weaknesses. This is something I always found so frustrating. If I'm not practically talented in a specific area, what's the point in working on it to become average at it? I'd rather hone strengths, don't you agree?

Now, when you're a one woman/ man band running a business you do go through a stage where you have to do everything from accounting to designing to making all of your products to marketing. But as you learn where your talents lie in these areas you can start to outsource the bits where you struggle, so that you can focus on the bits where you bring your own individual magic to your business.

The only problem is, sometimes our strengths come so easily to us that we don't even realise they're anything special. So here are 5 easy ways to uncover your biggest business strengths

A carpet of bluebells in a woods - fin your strengths and weaknesses

Take a quick personality test

This is always the first stop for me as a personality test literally spits out a list of yor most likely strengths and weaknesses. My favourite place to go is 16 personalities it’s completely free and very accurate - in the results you’ll find a list of strengths and weaknesses to help you get started. Have a look through and note down the ones you agree with.

Don’t forget to have a look at any other tests you may have done in the past, do you have any kicking around that you did in an old job for example?

Ask friends and family

This might feel a bit awkward, like you’re asking for an ego boost but explain why you’re asking and ask what your friends and family think are your biggest strengths. You might be surprised with what they say, there might be something so obvious that you haven’t thought of before. Your friends and family are the people who know you best so don’t bypass them when you’re seeking out your biggest strengths.

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Look at your business reviews

Go and have a look at the reviews, testimonials and feedback you’ve had in the past, are there any recurring comments such as ‘great service’, 'quick shipping’ or ‘beautiful packaging’ that might lead you to discovering some of your strengths. For the examples above this might mean that you’re great at chatting to customers and making them feel comfortable or that you’re really productive. The beautiful packaging feedback might mean that you’re brilliant at presenting things beautifully – a really useful skill when you have a product-based business.

What do your friends ask for your help with?

Sometimes our strengths come to us so easily we don't even realise its a strength. For me, realising that organisation and planning was a strength was a real light bulb moment. I had no idea that other people struggled with this as I found it so easy but after speaking to other makers and artist I found that it was a huge thing that creatives struggled with.

Bluebells and wild flowers - find your strengths and weaknesses

Be aware of your weaknesses

We all have them and our weaknesses are often easier to spot because we're used to beating ourselves up about them. When we're working on something that doesn't fit with our strengths it feels awkward, hard work and maybe a bit painful. This is where the benefits of outsourcing in your business come in. If you've been doing your own book keeping or trying to create your own brand style for a year and you absolutely hate it, it's time to start looking for suppliers to outsource to.

It can be hard to hand parts of your business over to someone else to work on but remember, you need to be focusing on working on the elements where your strength lie where you're adding the most value to your business.


  1. I hope you've now got a long list of strengths you can keep referring back in future. 
  2. Think about how you can take more advantage of your strengths in your business. What projects would really work to your strengths? 
  3. And, on the flip side if you've got areas of your business you want to outsource, check out my post on where to start with outsourcing.
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