Foraged Blackberry Jam Recipe - easy to make and easy to find the ingredients during August/ September

Foraged Blackberry Jam Recipe - easy to make and easy to find the ingredients during August/ September

I made some foraged blackberry jam this weekend and gave them some pretty floral toppers, perfect for last minute thank you gifts or just prettying-up your home - it makes them a treat to open.

This recipe is super simple and I love that you can easily find blackberries in hedge rows along country lane and footpaths during August and September

What you'll need to make foraged blackberry jam: 

  • 350g Blackberries
  • 350g Preserving sugar
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • Knob of butter
  • Sugar thermometer

Make your blackberry jam

1) give your fruit a real thorough rinse, I also usually freeze mine before I make jam with it to make sure it's free of any bugs, but also it helps to breakdown the fruit when it's boiled later on. 

2) Prepare your jars: you'll need 5/6 jars (you probably won't need that many but it's better to have a couple more than you'll need than not enough). Wash them in hot soapy water and then sterilise them by poping them on a tray in the oven at 100C

3) Put the blackberries, sugar and lemon juice into a large saucepan on the hob at a low heat. Gently heat and fold the sugar into the blackberries until dissolved

Bring the fruit to a gentle boil, stirring occasionally. Let the fruit simmer for about 10-12 minutes. A slight froth should start to appear as the fruit boils. 

Place a knob of butter on top of the fruit and stir across the top into the froth. This will help to get rid of the frothy stuff that forms on the top.

4) Heat your jam up to boiling point - you shouldn't need to turn the teat up on the hob - keep it to a rolling boil. Put your sugar thermometer in the mixture and keep a close eye on it. As soon as it reaches 105C take it off the heat. 

5) Give the mixture a final stir to make sure the fruit is evenly distributed and pour it into your jars. Put the lids on and you're jam is ready to eat in a few hours - once it's cooled and set. 

 Homemade blackberry jam recipe

Homemade blackberry jam recipe

If you want to decorate your foraged jam with pretty hats, as I've done with mine, you'll need:

  • Vintage fabric scraps in gingham, stripes, polka dots or ditsy floral fabric

  • Pom-pom trimming in the smallest size you can find in your local craft shop

  • Rubber bands

  • Jam jar labels (if you can't find any you like, there are lots of printable jam jar label designs available on Etsy)

  • Pinking shears

Decorate your jam jars

Lay one of your jam jar lids on top of your fabric and draw out a large square shape around the lid, leaving about 2 inches between the edge of your square and your jam jar lid. I like to cut mine as squares as it gives the jars more of a shabby look but you could also cut circle shapes for a more consistent look all the way round.

Cut this shape out with  pinking shears and Secure the fabric to the lids with an elastic band and cover it by tying some bobble trimming or a pretty ribbon over the top of the rubber band

if you're gifting your jam you could tie a pretty vintage jam spoon or wooden spoon to the lid using your bobble trimming

 Jam jars decorated with fabric toppers

Jam jars decorated with fabric toppers

Add labels

I found some lovely ready made labels for my jar jars from an independent craft shop and used a thin coating of PVA to glue them onto my jars, while the glue was drying I placed a rubber band over the top of the label to hold it in place

And it really is that simple, enjoy your jam! If you're in the market for making some more delicious treats, take a perusal through my Country & Seasonal posts for more homemade yummies