Getting Out of a Confidence Crisis in Your Business

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Over the past month it’s been very busy and noisy in my head. Ideas come in like fleeting fireflies and if you don’t capture them when they appear that little spark of light goes out before the next idea comes in. Thoughts, worries and questions keep firing – ping, ping, ping!  They come in to my consciousness and leave quickly, as they get pushed out of the way by the next worry.

I think we often feel like this when we’re testing the boundaries of our comfort zones. I guess it’s only been natural for my inner critic to crank up the volume since leaving my 9-5. It turns out I’m not great at dealing with uncertainly (probably why I’m such a planner) and the questions I’ve been unhelpfully asking myself are; am I good enough? Is there space for me? Can I really do this?

Getting out of a Confidence Crisis in Your Business, How to find clarity in my side-hustle, how to make a plan for you side-Business and get focussed | Josephine Brooks

I’ve been in the game of growing a business for long enough to know that it’s something that keeps coming back every time I’m outside of my comfort zone. It causes this wobble in confidence that’s really unhelpful when you’re trying to do something new. I also know from my 1:1 mentoring conversations that everyone goes through these phases, the wobbles in confidence, the uncertainty about what to do next. It’s comforting to know that I’m not alone in going through these phases, and neither are you.

On this occasion I really did have to sit with the fears, ideas and emotions for a bit before I could find the clarity I was looking for. Once the noise quietened down I started to be able to hear what the real voice of my intuition was telling me. In this video I’m sharing how I got past the confidence crisis in my business and found my confidence and clarity again.

Perhaps you’ve got recurring thoughts about who you want your target audience to be, perhaps your mind keeps swinging from one side to the other over what your purpose is, maybe you keep having multiple ideas for a new service but you can’t decide which ideas are going to work for you and which are just shiny distractions (we’ve all been there – right?).

Finding clarity is something that I love doing, it’s one of my strengths that comes into its own when I’m working with side-hustlers. But that doesn’t mean I’m immune to these periods of uncertainty and wobbles in confidence. The main take away here is that we all go through these confidence wobbles from time to time and you’re certainly not alone if you’re going through one right now. I’m cheering you on all the way and I hope those pointers above can help you worth through whatever confidence wobble or period of uncertainty you might be going through. 

And don’t forget, if you’re really struggling to find clarity and a way forward, I’m running a series of workshops this year starting next month to help you find clarity, define where you want to go with your side-hustle and make an action plan so you you can make it happen. You can find out more here >>

Getting Out of a Confidence Crisis in Your Side-Hustle - Video | Josephine Brooks