How to Set Goals You're Excited About

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Its a lot easier to work towards your goals and achieve them if you're excited about them. When you're struggling through the tough bits or pushing outside of your comfort zone, it helps to be really, really want to achieve those goals. So, I've pulled together my top goal setting tips to help you create goals you'll want to achieve. 

Here are my top tips for creating goals you're excited about

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Make it a little bit scary

There’s a balance between making your goal feel like a challenge and feeling like you can’t achieve it. But if your goal gets you feeling a little bit scared or nervous and it’s got something in there which will push you to do something outside your comfort zone that’s a good thing! Because, achieving this goal will also help to build your courage muscle and grow your business.

[side note] – what people don’t tell you about doing scary things is the elated feeling you get when you’ve done that scary thing and nothing bad happened! When I was launching my podcast I had to find a bunch of people who'd be happy to be interviewed on my podcast, as I had nothing to show for the first set of people that I contacted this felt quite scary and vulnerable. BUT, everyone I contacted was lovely and they all said YES - which has really helped me grow my courage for reaching out and connecting with people.

Set specific goals

Some people call this setting a SMART goal (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-based). Now, that might sound a bit corporate, BUT you need your goal to have all of the above things covered so that you know what your working towards and when you need to achieve it by.

Start by writing your goal out and then checking it ticks off all of the SMART points above, if it doesn't add those bits in until you've got something like:

I will launch a new product line of 12 pieces on the 1st September. Within the product line there will be 3 new print designs applied to: 3 cushions, 3 tote bags, 4 purses and 2 phone cases. This will develop my product eco-system and help to deliver more revenue in the run up to Christmas - growing my business and making it more sustainable.
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Set yourself a reward that you really want

It could be to go on a course you’ve been wanting to go on, take a spa day, splurge on a piece of jewellery you’ve wanted for ages or to take a few days off to explore somewhere new and feed your creativity. Use your reward to drive you forward when you're working on the tough bits. 

Put it on the wall

Write it out on a big sheet of paper or print it out and stick it on the wall. Stick it to your laptop screen, put it on your sewing machine or drawing slope. Make sure it's somewhere where you’ll see it and take notice of it every day.

Break it down

Breaking down your goal into appetising chunks is possibly the most important thing! This is where you can start to feel like your goal is achievable and you can see your route map to how you’re going to achieve it. 

Reality-check it

This is part of the SMART goal thing but it's super important to I'm pulling it out as a key consideration. Once you've broken your goal down into chunks, look at how your action plan for the following few weeks - get honest with yourself, is it looking achievable?  If not, move some things around or cut your goal back a little. Under acheiving against a goal you've set can be really disheartening. So, avoid setting over-ambitious goals to avoid that sinking feeling you get when you realise time is passing by and you're not managing to keep up with the goal you've set. 

Create accountability

Again, this ties back to what motivates you. If you're someone who is good at getting things done with no external expectation then promising yourself a juicy reward might be enough. If you're someone who is more likely to get things done if you've promised people you're going to deliver something by a certain date - then perhaps tell your social media followers what your goal is or share it with a close friend or business bud who will hold yourself accountable. 



  1. Write out your goal and go through the points in this post, re-write it until it's a solid goal that you're mega excited about! 
  2. Understand what motivates you to get stuff done
  3. Put your goals up on the wall where you can see them every day

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