How to Use Google Docs to Organise Your Side-Hustle

Whilst it’s great to get things down on paper - it’s just not practical when you’re on the go. Bits of paper easily get lost and there's nothing worse than having a great idea while you're at work or out shopping and forgetting it by the time you get home. Enter, Google docs...

Google docs is something I’d struggle to function without

If I have an idea that pops up while I’m at my desk at work, walking my dogs or in the post office queue, I can jot it down in my google docs app, safe in the knowledge that it’ll be waiting for me the next time I log in, at my laptop or on my phone.

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My main lifesaver is my google sheet (basically a spreadsheet/ excel doc) it keeps everything in one place and it’s easy to access from wherever I am via the app on my phone. I can’t sing the praises of google docs enough, so I wanted to share my basic google docs set up with you so that you can start using it to your advantage as well.  

Here are the 5 tabs I have in my google sheet template:

1) 12-week plan (my version of a to-do list)

Since I am a huge advocate of planning in 12-week chunks I always keep a version of it in my google docs spreadsheet, meaning that I can check in with it from wherever I am.

2) Marketing calendar

Again, I tend to plan marketing in 12 week chunks or quarters. So, I created a grid with 12 boxes for the 12 weeks and in there I put what I want to be doing each week to market my business.

3) Budget

I have a very basic budget layout I my spreadsheet which helps me stay on top of my expenses and income. If i’m out and I buy something for my business, I can add it into my spreadsheet before I forget. Alternatively there’s lots of fancy software that does this more automatically, I haven’t figured those out yet!

4) Resources

It’s impossible to remember all of the different usernames and links you have, so keep them all together in a tab in your google docs spreadsheet. I include links to my social channels, all of the things I need to log into and a reminder of what my usernames are.

This is also a good place to create a reading list of blog posts, articles, videos, podcasts you want to save for later. As well as those I also keep a note of suppliers or useful links in this tab.

5) Finally, a life tab!

Whether you're juggling a side-hustle and a job, or have your own business that you run full time, your work and life are very closely intertwined. This tab is where you can note down those things you really must do later, like posting your mums birthday present (yes I do need to do that). By getting the thoughts and to-do’s written down it frees up your mind for other stuff.

If you think having a google doc set up for your side hustle will help you stay organised and on track, it’s easy to set one up. Google search google drive, login with a google email address and set up your google sheet. Create different tabs within your sheet to keep things organised. It’s super easy to set up and I really hope it helps you stay organised.

Using google docs to get organised in your side-hustle, How to use google docs for your side hustle, Organising a side-hustle using google docs, Time management tips for side-hustlers | Josephine Brooks