How I review my business each month in 20 minutes or less [VIDEO]

How I review my business each month in 20 minutes or less - Josephine Brooks [VIDEO]

You know how, when you’re growing a business sometimes it can feel like the growth is slow, or even that you’re going backwards sometimes. We’ve all be there! By taking 20 minutes to review your business each month you can start to build up a picture of how your business is growing and take a moment to acknowledge just how much you’ve achieved over time. I think we could all do with rewarding ourselves a little more and berating ourselves a little less so recording your numbers and how you’re getting on anecdotally each month can help you make more time for rewarding yourself and more reasons to stop beating yourself over the head with your un-finished to-do list.

Here’s how I review my business each month in 20 minutes or less:

 Reviewing your business each month has so many benefits:

  • You can see how your business has grown over the last few months

  • Not all stats can be looked at retrospectively, for example you can’t go back and look at what size your mailing list was or how many followers on social media you had 3 months ago

  • It gives you a chance to celebrate your wins and achievements

  • You can learn and adapt


Here are the numbers and insights I record each month for you to use as a starting point. You might want to add or remove things based on what’s relevant for your business. 

  • Gross Income

  • Profit

  • Total Sales

  • Website visits

  • Most popular content 1

  • Most popular content 2

  • Mailing list total

  • Insta Followers

  • Pinterest reach

  • Most useful Marketing action this month:

  • Most popular insta post

  • Stop

  • Start

  • Continue

  • Reasons to celebrate

  • Achieved this month


Set a reminder to review your business at the end of each month and make a record of your monthly numbers, it will only take you 20 minutes or less. 

Josephine Brooks