How to Get Started with Journaling

Journalling is one thing that has seriously helped me build my business and tap into growing a business that’s right for ME and not by doing all of the things we’re told we ‘should’ be doing to build a business.

By putting pen to paper something magical happens, it helps you to dig out the answers that are already inside you, it helps you tap into your intuition and find clarity in the thrusts and feeling you’re experiencing.

I truly believe that you are totally unique and you’re what makes your business magic. But sometimes those answers on how to grow your business in an authentic way that’s true to you and your unique strengths sometimes need coaxing out.

How to get started with journaling to help your side-hustle flourish and find the answers within you | Josephine Brooks

I started a journal about three years ago as a journal of my business progress, I wanted to record what I was doing to grow my business, what I was learning and experiencing. I quickly realised there was a lot more magic in journalling than just keeping a record of my business progress.

Getting started with journaling can feel daunting sometimes, especially when you see pictures online of beautifully designed bullet journal pages. It’s one of those things where you can be forgiven for thinking there’s a right way to do it or a certain process to follow.

But there are no rules when it comes to journaling, which sometimes makes it even more difficult to get started with. Because, where do you start? Well, in this video I’m sharing three quick pointers to help you get started with journaling.

  1. Forget about the rules and take the pressure off!

    Only journal as and when you feel the need, perhaps when there’s lots in your head, you’re struggling with something. Don’t feel you have to journal every day, week or even every month, just when you need to. It’s not about being a brilliant writer its about off loading what’s in your head onto paper. In the process of doing so you should start to find answers unravelling. Choose a notebook to be your journal, leave it somewhere where you’ll see it often, perhaps next to your bed or on your desk and just start.

  2. Just start, here are some prompts to help you

    Today i’m feeling xxx because xxx

    Today I learned … from this experience

    At the moment xxx is really challenging me because …

    How would I be showing up right now is my business was thriving?

    What would I do in my business if it was guaranteed to be 100% successful

  3. Remember this is for YOU

    It doesn’t need to be beautifully written prose, it doesn’t need a catchy headline or a first paragraph that pulls you in, like you might need when you’re writing a blog post for your business.

Most importantly, just get started. Start write about what you feeling and struggling with at the moment until the answers already inside you start to show them selves. Trust in the process and after a little while the answers will start to flow out of you quite naturally.

How to get started with journaling to help your side-hustle flourish | Journaling for business video | Josephine Brooks