How to Make More Time For Your Side-Hustle

We all know there are 24 hours in the day and 7 days in the week but we still say things like “I just ran out of time” as if time, this thing we all know is finite, had made for a run for it when your back was turned.

Often when we say “I don’t have time for xxx” it’s really an excuse or a cover up for a deeper reason. It could be that you don’t actually want to do that thing, that you’re scared about doing that thing or maybe and quite possibly that your priorities are a little out of whack.

How to Make More Time for Your Side-Hustle - My 4 tips

In this video I’m talking about changing up your priorities and sharing 4 tools to help you make more time for your side-hustle. Don’t expect yourself to go away and put all of these tools in place straight away. Pick one that clicks with you the most and experiment with it. Just using one of these tools well will help you make more efficient use of your side-hustle time. Let’s dive in!

4 tools to help you make more time for your side-hustle:

  1. Routine - set a regular time to work on your side-hustle each week and write it into your planner or calendar to give it a sense of priority.

  2. Batching/ theme days - Get multiples of the same job done in one go - perhaps batch your blog posts for the month together into one morning a month for example.

  3. Capture the inspiration when it comes - When you have an idea for your business or a spark of inspiration for a blog post record a voice note on your phone or write the idea into your phone notes right away so that when you come down to start planning for your business or writing a blog post you’ve already got a starting point to go from.

  4. Saying NO more often - Saying no is like flexing a muscle, the more you do it the easier it gets. Start saying no to those afterwork drinks, baby showers for people you don’r even know or get together that you dread going to anyway and free up time to work on your business.

Make the time for your side-hustle

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Making time for a side-hustle that's sustainable and successful