How to Plan Your Week in Less Than 10 Minutes

Before I started planning my weeks out I was all over the place, jumping from project to project without making a lot of progress with any of them. Even with my 3-step planning method in place I still found that weekly planning was essential for being as effective as possible in the small windows of time I had to work on my side-hustle.

I quickly found that taking just 10 minutes to plan out your week in advance can save a shed-load of time and energy in the week. It also helps to keep you focussed on the priority actions and projects you need to be working on each week. 

You really can effectively plan your week out in 10-minutes or less

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Planning out your week in advance won’t take any longer than 10 minutes (if that). I recommend setting a regular time each week to do this, perhaps it’s a Sunday evening, a Friday afternoon, Monday first thing - whatever time is going to work best with you and your energy levels.

Give it a go and be open to tweaking and editing my process so that it works for you. It doesn’t need to be neat and beautiful either, it just needs to help you make the most efficient use of your side-hustle time in the week.

Here are the steps I take to plan my week each Sunday evening:

  1. Print out my weekly planner PDF that you get when you sign up to my mailing list (link below if you’re not on my list yet), or grab your diary or bullet journal.

  2. Write your to-do’s into the three boxes at the top. If you’re using your own planner, find a space where you can write your weekly to-do list, or use sticky notes.

  3. Next, cross out the hours you’ve already committed to work, social events and other commitments. This will leave you with a visual representation of how much time you’ve got left to dedicate to your side-hustle.

  4. Plot out some time for YOU. Make sure you’ve got time in the week to switch off and recharge or go out and see friends. Make this a priority in your week by blocking out time for it before you fill out your week with side-hustle to-do’s.

  5. Next, plot your actions from the top three boxes into your side-hustling time in the week. You don’t have to plot out a time to do all of your actions right now, you could always do this bit day by day.  

  6. Add in any daily habits you want to make time for. This could be going for a walk each day, posting to your Instagram stories each day or remembering to send your newsletter each Monday. 

  7. Finally, give it a reality check. If it’s looking like you’ve given yourself too much to do, either push some lower priority actions back into next week or see what you can take out of your weekly schedule to free up some more time. 

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