How to Set Up Theme Days and Batch Your Tasks

When you’re building a business as a side hustle you want to make the most of those pockets of time you’ve got outside of your 9-5 and other commitments to work on your business. One of the best ways to be more efficient with those small pockets of time is to set up theme days/ evenings where you batch your tasks together and get them done in bulk.

Batching your tasks doesn’t just save you time, it saves energy as well. When we flick from task to task it takes a while for our brains to catch up and reset to the new task, using up energy each time we switch task. 

Seeing as we get given a finite amount of time and energy each day it makes sense to be careful with how we’re using both of those limited resources. That’s where theme days and batching your tasks comes in.

How to Set Up Theme Days and Batch Your Tasks | Time management for side-hustlers | Being more efficient with your time | Josephine Brooks

A theme day (or afternoon, or evening) is where you batch together one type of task into a one day/ afternoon/ evening block. I love my theme days because I can really get into the flow of my work and keep my head in one type of task. By just focussing on one type of task for the day/afternoon/ evening you don’t have to keep switching your brain onto different tasks, saving you time and energy. 

For me, batching my tasks and having theme days was something I relied on to help me feel more in control of my side-hustle work load when I was also juggling a 9-5. I still batch my tasks now and I can tell you, when I’ve got a months worth of blog posts all scheduled and ready to go on my website, well, I really feel like i’ve got my sh*t together!

Setting up theme days & batching your tasks

In this video I talk through how to get started with batching and give some examples of the things I batch in my business now and my previous product-based business to give you some ideas on what you could start batching in your own business. 

Here’s an example of how you could use theme days. Let's say you have Saturday afternoons every week to work on your side-hustle. Each Saturday you could batch together just one kind of task, and the circulate your theme days each week over the course of a month, like this:

  • 1st Saturday: Photography afternoon – where you take a month’s worth of photos for Instagram and your blog all in one go.

  • 2nd Saturday: Blogging afternoon – where you write and schedule enough blog posts for a month.

  • 3rd Saturday: Product making afternoon – where you make enough products for a month’s/ week’s worth of orders or outreach afternoon - where you send pitches to be featured on other people’s channels.

  • 4th Saturday – Product development afternoon – where you work on developing new products

And the next month you just repeat your 4 theme days. 

What tasks could you be batching? 

  • Make a list of the tasks that you do over and over again in your business. This might be scheduling your social media posts or updating your finances. Or for a product-based business it could be making or shipping your products.

  • Create some theme days/ afternoons/ evenings by blocking out some time in your diary to give it a go and see if it's something you want to do regularly and make part of your routine to help you save time and energy in your side-hustle. 

As with all of the productivity tools I share, it’s all about finding which ones click with how you like to work. If it helps to take the pressure off, just experiment with batching for a couple of weeks or a month and see how you go. As always, I’m cheering you on!

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How to save time & energy by batching your tasks | Josephine Brooks