Journaling Prompts for Makers & Designers

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Putting pen to paper is something that always helps to clear my mind and make me feel more organised. I’ve found that keeping a no-pressure journal for my creative business has really helped me chill the hell out  and find more clarity and calm when I’m feeling overwhelmed.

I say no-pressure - what that means is, I don’t force myself to write in it every day or even every week, just when I feel like I have a load of noise and ideas in my head that need I need to  unpick. I also don’t care what format I write it in, it can be bullet points, it can be six pages of stuff I need to brain dump, it can be a diagram. The format is whatever it needs to be. 

The thing I love about journaling as well is that it makes a great diary of progress in your business. Occasionally I look back at mine and see how far I’ve come. I see all of the things I’ve achieved and all of the stupid stuff I was worrying about.

Here are 10 journaling prompts to get you started:

Quote handwritten in a notebook on a wooden table with spring blossom - To know one's self is the beginning of all wisdom - Aristotle

1) Write about something or someone that inspires you, what is it that you find inspiring and how can you bring that into what you do? 

2) Make a list of tasks you can stop doing – cross them off your to do list now

3) What energises you and make you feel creative? How can you make more time for creativity in your business? 

4) Where in your life and business do you need to slow down? 

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5) What’s your biggest sticking point right now? Why is it a sticking point and what can you to to make it easier to move forward with? 

6) What have you achieved in the last month/ week that you should celebrate? And how will you celebrate? 

7) What would you be doing this week/ month if you have the courage of your convictions – make a list and then put the most impactful or exciting one on your to-do list.

8) List the things, activities, music and people that make you feel good.

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9) List 3 things you learned this week/month/ year.

10) What money stories or beliefs are holding you back when it comes to making money?

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I hope this has encouraged you to give journaling a go. The prompts above will probably lead you on to other things you want to write about and explore and by putting pen to paper I really think it will help you feel clearer and more focused on the stuff that matters. 


  1. Pick a couple of the prompts above
  2. Open your journal and get scribbling
  3. Don’t put pressure on yourself to journal every day or make it look perfect, just use it when you’re feeling overwhelmed or full of ideas and inspiration
10 Journaling prompts for makers & designers, Journaling questions for creative business owners