Living the Lifestyle You Long For Right Now

How about living the lifestyle you long for, right now? That’s just not possible you say, I can’t because of X, Y and Z. But, there will be some small steps you can start taking to move you closer towards the lifestyle you long for and adjust your mindset to one that says ‘this is totally possible’!

Every 1:1 mentoring client I’ve worked with has been working towards changing their lifestyle. How do I know, because it’s always one of the first things we talk about.

And so, I know you’re longing for a change in your lifestyle, perhaps you want to escape your 9-5 or stop doing that thing you don’t love that pays the bills. Maybe you crave a slower and more meaningful lifestyle where you can do more of the work you love and stop having to do the things you don’t look forward to. You’re sat at work thinking, ‘I can’t wait to be working full time in my business, one day’, or ‘Imagine what it’ll be like when I can take a long walk every lunch time or take the afternoon off on a whim’.

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We often look at change as this one big moment when the change happens. It’s why we love the idea of an overnight success, but us humans don’t make change over night. Rome wasn’t built in a day, as they say. It takes lots of small steps to add up to a big change - see my post on what they don’t tell you about taking the leap if you don’t believe me.

And, a lot of making change is to do with mindset, another reason why the small steps are so critical to add up to the big changes. Because, once you’ve made some small steps towards the lifestyle you dream of living, you’ll start to foster a mindset that says, this is do-able, I can really do this! And you can go after those bigger changes you have in mind.

Living the lifestyle you long for right now

Ways you can work towards changing your lifestyle by taking small steps

  • Take a day off work and treat it as a day in your dream lifestyle - see how living it makes you feel and how possible it might just be to make it happen

  • Take a different route to work, start working different hours (if you can do flexi-time) or ask to work from home to change up your routine and get you thinking differently about how you might be able to get a bit closer to that lifestyle you long for.

  • Get out of the office every lunchtime to get away from the 9-5 environment. Go for a walk or spend your lunch break learning something new or working on something that will help you build your side-hustle.

  • Make more time for your creative business on a regular basis. Set aside a consistent set of days, evenings or mornings to work on your side-hustle and experience what it’s like to spend more time doing the work you love.

Bigger steps you can take towards living the lifestyle you long for

Start taking steps towards the lifestyle you long for, how to change your lifestyle in small steps, Change the way you live your life | Josephine Brooks
Josephine Brooks