How to Make Your Business More Meaningful

Have you noticed how much more concious people are getting about their consumer choices at the moment? I know I, myself have got a lot more conscious of reducing my plastic consumption and supporting brands who have a sustainability policy I can get on board with, I’ve also opened my eyes up to checking out brand’s policies on inclusivity and representation. This is sometimes referenced to as voting with your dollars.

When it comes to buying decisions, unless it’s buying a new spark plug for your car, those decisions are emotional ones. Think of some of the brands you love, why do you love them? They might make beautiful products or you might find their marketing really entertaining and in some cases there might also be a factor of meaningfulness. 

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Some of the brands I love are all about selling beautiful, quality products but also have values around sustainability or supporting a cause they’re passionate about. And that’s the key, it’s not enough to have sustainable ethics or to have plastic free packaging, you also need that high quality, well created and delivered product or service. But, I know you’ve got the latter covered so let’s focus on how you might be able to make your business more meaningful, tapping into that emotional side of what your business is all about.

For some people this stuff will play a big part in why they invest in you, giving them a sense of belonging to that group who care about sustainability and giving them a great story to tell their friends. For others it might just be a feel good factor. Either way, in this world where we’re becoming more and more aware of our consumer habits it’s a great time to question how you can make your business more meaningful and how your business can make a real difference to the things you’re passionate about.

What matters to YOU?

It’s your business and it makes sense for your own personal value to spill over into your business values. Have a think about the causes you’ve supported in the past. What gets you really frustrated about the world? What experiences have you been through in life that have made you passionate about a cause or movement?

What matters to your customer?

If you sell baby toys, perhaps your customers are passionate about helping mothers less fortunate than them or if your services are all about empowering women to feel more confident, perhaps your clients also care about making a difference in other women’s lives. Have a think about your audience, what they care about and what matters to them. You can even ask them in a post on social media. 

See if any of those things match up with your own personal and business values. If you can find a match between what YOU care about and what’s important to your audience that can be really powerful.

A summer evening at the river

How can you make your own life more sustainable?

People love getting to know the person behind the brand, it’s vital for them to build that like and trust factor with you. Could it be that you are passionate about health and fitness and your audience might connect with you on that or it might be that you love growing your own veg so that you don’t have to buy so much from the supermarkets. Whatever you’re already doing in your own life that feels good, talk about it with your audience, see if they connect with it and care about the same things as you.

How can you make a difference in the word through your work?

This might feel like a BIG question, however the answer to this is easier than you think. Perhaps you start reducing the plastic you use in your home office, perhaps it’s about only running workshops in venues that offer wheelchair access, maybe you add a caveat in your contracts that you will only speak on panels or work with collaborations that are inclusive, maybe it’s the process you use to make physical products where you can scale back on un-sustainable materials or start sourcing your materials locally to cut down on their carbon foot print.

Sharing your knowledge

If you’re passionate about sharing your knowledge or helping young people can you offer to go in and speak at a couple of schools or universities about your craft or about how you work for yourself? This is a great way to connect with up and coming talent and share your experiences to help someone else do what they love.

Whatever your business model, I’m confident that there are steps you can take to make your business more meaningful. This will not only make you feel good about your business and the impact it’s having on the world but as a bonus it’s another story for you to tell about your business and another reason for people to connect with you on an emotional level.

If you’ve come up with some great ideas, go and put them into action, make the changes you need to make and tell your audience about what you’re doing to make your business even more meaningful.

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