Autumn Rituals - Make Your Own Soy Wax and Essential Oil Scented Candles

Autumn feels like a time for rituals. Lighting the fire, cosy evenings in, hearty meals and of course lighting candles. Not only do I love to burn candles in the evening when I’m hunkered down next to the fire in an oversized blanket but I also love to have a candle burning as I work. 

 Having that lit candle on my desk seems to help me focus. I don’t know whether it’s the warm amber glow or the scent, perhaps a mixture of both. But it’s now become a work-day ritual of mine.

Make Your Own Soy Wax Essential Oil Scented Candles - Autumn Rituals | Josephine Brooks

 There are some gorgeous soy-wax candles out there that I go back to over and over again.  I love the Botanical Candle company candles for their beautiful vintage vessels and zero plastic packaging, Hazel & Blue candles for Becky’s unique scents, Smallest Light for their seasonal collections and Join candles from Firain for their powerful scent. But if you’re going through candles like there’s no tomorrow and you fancy having a go at making a few yourself, here’s how. 

 here’s how to make your own soy-wax, essential oil scented candles

Get together your ingredients:

  • Soy wax flakes (just search online)

  • Candle wicks (I like to try and find quite thick ones as I find they burn better or sometimes I use the wooden wicks that are held in place by a metal clip)

  • A jar or container for your candle (I love to use amber jars because of the warm amber glow but an old jam jar will also do the trick)

  • A pan and bowl to make a Bain-marie

  • Metal spoon

  • A clothes peg or two chopsticks held together with rubber bands at each end

Candle just blown out with smoke curling


  1. Start by pouring a little water into your pan so that it comes up to about 2 inches from the bottom and bring it to a gentle simmer. Put your bowl on top of the pan to create your bain-marie.

  2. Pour in your wax. You'll roughly need enough wax to fill your container twice. 

  3.  Slowly melt the wax over your simmering water. When you see a few small blobs of wax left scoop one out with a spoon and stick it to the base of one of your wicks. Use the sticky wax to stick the wick to the bottom of your container and wait for it to cool and the wax to harden.

  4.  When all of the wax is melted take it off the heat for a few minutes so that it cools down a little before you add your essential oils.

  5. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oils to your wax. Now, I like a heavily scented candle so this is where I go a little mad and put the whole jar of essential oil in, so just go with how much scent you want. I find bergamot a brilliant scent for making me week productive and energised, I also love grapefruit as an uplifting scent.

  6. Pour the wax into your vessels and using a clothes peg or two chopsticks held together with rubber bands, hold the wick in place in the middle of your vessel until the wax sets.

  7. Leave your candle in a cool place for a day or so and you’ve got yourself your very own scented candle.

Enjoy your scented candles, I hope they bring an added warmth and another level of focus to your side-hustle work days. 

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How to Make Sox Wax Essential Oil Scented Candles - Autumn Candle Making | Josephine Brooks
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