Making That Project a Reality Before The Year's Out

As I write this, there are just a few months left of the year. The autumn term brings a lot of us those back to school feels and autumn always has a productive buzz about it for me. But also, it’s that time of year when you think back to those big dreams you had at the beginning of the year, perhaps a resolution you set or a ‘this is the year that I'…’ promised that you made to yourself. Perhaps you haven’t had a chance to make a reality yet.

Now is the time to make those dreams a reality before the year’s out.

Making that project a reality before the year's out - Making a Start on your next project | Josephine Brooks

If you’ve got a product-based business the chances are that you’re going to be pretty busy in the run up towards the end of the year. And for those of us with a service-based business it can also be a busy time when those back to school feels kick in and people start to turn their attention back to self-development and making their own goals a reality before the end of the year.

These last few months of the year are a chance for us to increase our annual income, introduce new products and services or perhaps make a start on that rebrand or that website refresh.

In this week’s video I’m sharing the most common pointers I share with my mentoring clients when they’re looking to make something big happen over the following few months.

Here are a few pointers on how to get started with that project you want to complete before the year’s out.

Get clear on your goal

Get really clear on what your project is and create a goal so that you understand exactly what you’re looking to achieve before the year’s out. Set a goal you’re excited about and create a vision of exactly where you want to get to by your deadline.

Make a plan

How did you guess I was going to suggest making a plan? Once you’re clear on the destination, you’re going to need a route map to help you get there. Take your goal and breakdown all of the steps that it’s going to take to make that project a reality. Break down all of the steps into as smaller chunks as you can so that every little step feels simple to get started with and not at all overwhelming.

Get some support

To help you stay on track with your plan and pull you through the tough weeks, you’re going to need to build your support network out. Your support network can come in many forms, it might be being part of a Facebook group of like-minded people, you might attend a creative business workshop or meet up event, getting in touch with that person you’re always chatting with on social media and setting up an accountability partnership, or perhaps it’s time you took on a mentor or coach to help you level up your business.

Make yourself accountable to your plan

Make your project and your deadline public. Let your audience know about what you’re working on and when it’s going to be finished or available for them to buy. Involve them in the process so that they can help to keep you accountable to your goal.

Another way to make yourself accountable to your plan is to lean on your support network. If you’re working with a mentor or an accountability buddy they can check in with you each week to see how you’re getting on, help you overcome the road blocks and cheer you on along the way.

Celebrate all of the little wins

Acknowledging your wins will help to keep your mindset positive and help you see just how much progress you’re making over the weeks. I recommend setting aside 10 minutes at the end of each week to have a weekly review session. Ask yourself what went well, what was challenging and what you want to change for next week. And most importantly, write down what you’ve got to celebrate at the end of each week. List out three things you did well in the week - it’s such a simple exercise but something that’s really helped me acknowledge and feel good about my wins.

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Find Your Focus - Find clarity, overcome the overwhelm and feel that excitement again for your side-hustle | A workbook from Josephine Brooks
Make that project a reality before the year's out | Josephine Brooks
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