5 Ways to Motivate Yourself in Your Side-Hustle

Being able to motivate yourself is pretty essential when you’re a side-hustler, because no one’s going to do the work for you. Growing a business is a journey in learning about yourself and finding ways to motivate myself has been something I’ve learned a lot about myself this past year. By consciously keeping my eyes open to the things that motivate me to spend my spare time on growing a side-hustle I’ve created a few go-to tricks for getting my motivation going.

5 tactics for motivating yourself in your side-hustle | How to get motivated | Creative business motivation | Starting a new side-hustle

Get Ob-sessed with your side hustle!

A few months ago, if you’d asked me why I’m spending my spare time on writing blog posts, sending newsletters and building a side-business I would have said I don’t really know. I am essentially, obsessed with my business and it’s constantly on my mind. I’ve struggled to figure out why though until recently. I’m obsessed and therefore motivated to work on my side-hustle because of the end goal. I’m really clear on what I want to achieve by growing my own business and I really bloody want it, it’s like the shining north start that I’m constantly following! My goal that feeds my obsession it to create the freedom to do work I really love on my own terms and create the lifestyle I long for.

What’s your end goal for your side hustle? What’s your why? What is that north start that you’re following. When you have a why for your side-hustle that’s truly rooted in your values and beliefs you’ll naturally become a little obsessed with your side-hustle and the motivation will come! If you’re struggling with figuring out your why take a listen to episode 13 of my podcast with Kayte Ferris from Simple and Season who shares some starting points for developing your why.

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Are you motivated by the stick or the carrot?

Something I’ve learned about myself recently is that, for the tasks I tend to put off, I’m more motivated by the stick than the carrot. This means that I have to put myself into a position where I HAVE to do the task. For example I might write in my newsletter that a new blog post is live and link to it before I’ve even written it. This means that I absolutely have to write that post by the time my newsletter goes out. Or I’ll say in someone else’s podcast that my new freebee or product is live on my website before I’ve created it, so that again I have to do the work before that podcast goes out.

I also know people who are more motivated by the carrot. This means setting themselves a reward to look forward to. It can be as simple as ‘if I make up 5 of x product today I’ll let myself have a long hot bath later’ or promising yourself a spa day once you’ve reached a certain stretch goal. For me, I’ll have the hot bath whether i’ve done the work or not, because I’m an adult and I can do what I want (can you hear the annoying child’s voice in there)!? So this method doesn’t work so well for me but for others its the best motivation tactic.

Work out whether you’re more motivated by the stick or the carrot and motivate yourself accordingly!

What are your motivational tendencies?

In Gretchen Rubin’s four tendencies she identifies four personality types when it comes to what motivates people. It’s definitely worth checking out her quiz if you don’t know where you sit within those four types yet. I am a ‘questioner’ this means that I really have to understand why doing a task is important or worthwhile. This has got me into all sorts of trouble at work - I really can’t see the point in doing the (what seems to me pointless) admin and so I just don’t do it. And I’m very stubborn like that! I guess when you’re growing your own business, as a questioner you can choose to only work on the tasks that you believe in but there will always still be some essential tasks I put off. But by understanding the questioner in me and I pick out some ways that will help to motivate me to finish those boring tasks by truly understanding what impact it’ll have on my business.

Take the quiz and see which of the four tendencies you fit into and think about what measures may help to motivate that personality trait in you.

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Get a mentor/ coach

This year I’ve worked with kayte Ferris from Simple and Season on growing my business and strengthening my marketing. After each call we discuss what my ‘homework’ is for the next couple of weeks. I know by that next call that I need to have those things done to talk through on the call. It’s not that Kayte will tell me off if I don’t get those things done! It’s more that I’ve invested the money in coaching and that make me take it seriously.

So the value of working with a mentor or coach is two fold - you have an accountability partner so you know you need to get stuff done between each time you catch up and through investing in your business it helps you take this work seriously and make the time to work on your side-hustle.

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Set yourself a deadline

Setting a deadline is possibly one of the best ways of motivating yourself to get something done. Amalia from The Botanical Candle Company mentioned in episode 7 of my podcast that she publicly announced the date of their first open day for the shop and set up an open evening event. This really put the fire under her to get the shop ready for that date.

You might be someone who just needs to set a deadline, put it up on the wall and you’ll motivate yourself to meet it. As I mentioned earlier, I like to publicly announce a date for when the project I’m working on (whether it’s my course, a blog post or a new freebee for my newsletter subscribers) will be live on my website. Or even better I schedule a newsletter or podcast where I’m saying the new product/ new freebee etc is now live on my website, with a link - then I know I need to get that task completed by the time that newsletter or podcast episode goes out.

Is there a project you’re struggling to finish? Set yourself a deadline and announce it to the world (or just a friend or in your instagram stories, what ever works)!

I hope this post has got you thinking about how you can get yourself motivated to do those tasks you don’t always look forward to. Start with checking in on your why and getting ‘obsessed’ with your side hustle. If you’re struggling with figuring out your why take a listen to episode 13 of my podcast with Kayte Ferris from Simple and Season who shares some starting points for developing your why.

5 tactics for motivating yourself in your side-hustle