On Making it Happen & Doing the work

This month I’ve been focussing on running my course Make a Plan > Make it Happen, I can’t help but get over enthusiastic about everyone’s plans and ideas. It’s fair to say that the planning is always the fun bit for most of us, coming up with exciting new ideas, committing to our dreams and deciding to go after what we really want. 

We’re now into the part of the course where everyone’s plans are up on the wall and after that comes the work. It’s one thing having a plan but to make it happen you’ve got to DO THE WORK and that can be hard, scary, uncomfortable and overwhelming. It’s the bit where the fears and doubts can start to creep in and when we all need that extra support to cheer us on through the tough bits.

On Making It Happen & Doing The Work | Making Your Business Idea a Reality | Josephine Brooks

The thing with having a plan is that, no matter how beautiful and well thought out it may be, it can’t and won’t do the work for you. Only YOU can make it a reality by getting your hands dirty and doing the work. But the good news is, there are ways that you can make it a whole load easier on yourself. 

Make a plan

How did you guess I’d say that!? I’m not talking about any plan through, I’m talking about a 12-week plan using my 3-step planning method. This helps to break down those HUGE overwhelming projects into appetising, bite sized chunks which makes it easier to get started with any project. 

Create a regular habit of working on your side-hustle

If it’s getting started that’s the tricky bit (and it often is) set a regular time to work on your business each week - after a while it'll become second nature. To help you make time to work on your business each week before it becomes habit, write into your schedule, calendar or diary when you’re going to work on your side-hustle to give it a sense of priority. 

Create a space for your business that you want to work in

If you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated space for your business, whether that’s a studio or a desk in the corner of your spare room, make it an inviting space to work in by giving it a clean-up and getting those folders/ pen pots you need to help it feel less cluttered and more organised. Try putting some art up on the walls that inspires you or stocking up on scented candles. If you’re working from the kitchen table can you get a nice wooden crate to pack all of your stuff neatly away into so that’s it’s all stored away in one place every time you get it all out again to make it a little easier to get started? I have a couple of these wooden boxes from Ikea that I keep all of my photography bits and pieces in - they're pretty and functional which is perfect.

An early frosty morning in Hampshire | Josephine Brooks

Stop your phone from being a distraction

Put it on flight mode, turn off all of your notifications (I recommend giving this a go for all of the time – not just when you’re working on your business) and put it at the other end of the house so you won’t be tempted to have a scroll while you wait for a page to load – something I’m guilty of doing, a lot!

Get support

Finally, get the support you need. I honestly think that the mental struggles that come with building a business are half of the battle (possible more than half actually) so reach out to that business owner you’re always talking to on Instagram and see if they fancy having an IRL coffee and catch up. Perhaps it’s a case of getting a coach or mentor (I know for my 1:1 cients they get just as much out of our calls in talking through the struggles they’re going through as well as talking about practical next steps) or perhaps it’s finally time to bite the bullet and go to that business meet up. 


If you’ve been spending your time recently planning, dreaming and recalibrating but you know now is the time to get started and put your foot on the gas the best way to make your projects and ideas a reality is to get on and do the work. The second most important thing is to make it easy on yourself and I hope the points in this post help you with that bit. 

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Making it easier on yourself to do the work and make your side-hustle idea happen | Josephine Brooks