Planning for a Successful Launch

Have you ever launched a new product, service or website and everything’s felt last minute? There have been late nights, stressing over technology and a whole load of anxiety.

Me too

Most of us have a tendency to get last minute with out launches, regardless of whether it’s launching a new product or service, launching a website, new podcast or even launching a business or side-hustle. We push the deadline back and back until it’s GOT to happen this week for whatever reason and everything is stressful.

Planning for a successful launch, Product Launch Plan, Launching podcast, Launching a side-hustle, Launching a business | Josephine Brooks

There are a couple of reasons why we do this. First up, we delay things and push things back because it’s scary putting something new out into the world. Our inner critic pipes up, what will people think, what if no one cares, it’s not ‘ready’ yet. Fear and being outside of our comfort zones has a lot to say for it’s self when it comes to delayed, stressful launches.

The other reason why launches can be so last minute and intense is because often we think of a launch as being this one Big Bang, MOMENT. We think it’s got to be this intensive thing where all of the noise comes at once.


What if we were to think of launches less like a rocket launch, a vertical take off, and more like an airplane take off, a gradual incline where we’re building momentum over time?

But it’s not enough to start thinking of a launch as a gradual thing, it’s pretty important to make a plan for a successful launch too.

Planning for a successful launch

  1. Set a launch date to act as your deadline

  2. Breakdown all of the steps you’ll need to take to get to launching your new product/ service/ website/ blog/ mailing list etc

  3. Plot the steps out over the time period you’ve got to your launch date. I’m always going to suggest making one of my a 12-week plans for this, even if you’ve got less than 12 weeks to your launch date, don’t forget there will be marketing and promotion to focus on during and after the launch too

Smoke from a blown out candle

You’ve now got a plan, but you can also set yourself up for success by:

  • Making yourself accountable to your plan. The thing I ALWYAS suggest doing is letting your audience in on the process, tell them that something new is coming their way and share the launch date Wirth them, take them with you on the journey as you work through figuring out the structure, designing the web page, taking the photos, preparing to launch etc. This is for a couple of reasons. 1: It sets a level of accountability for you, if your audience is expecting you to be launching something new soon that gives you an extra level of motivation to get it done. And 2: it starts to do the job of marketing your new product/ service/ podcast etc before it’s ready, so that by the time it has launched your audience already know about it and half of the selling job has already been done. So, put a reminder in your plan each week to take your audience on the journey with you as you develop the thing you’re launching. 

  • Set up your support network. Perhaps it’s working with a mentor, having a friend in business where you can support each other through the changes you want to make, being part of a supportive membership group or facebook page. Set up a solid support network because this will be the thing that helps you make that plan a reality.  

And that’s your launch plan! 

I’m cheering you on all the way with making your idea a reality.

Creating a successful launch plan, launching a business, launching a podcast, product launch marketing plan | Josephine Brooks
Josephine Brooks