7 Side-Hustle Tasks You Can Do in the Post Office Queue

I recently came across the concept of fringe hours. The fringe hours are basically an accumulation of all those minutes we spend in queues, in traffic jams, waiting in the drs waiting room and on hold to the bank. Quite often I find myself in a queue at the post office when i’m posting out my 12-week planners. [Side note: why is the post office queue so slow?]

We all have to queue for things and we all at times waste our precious life waiting half an hour for a drs appointment we got there for bang on time. Rather than read those dog eared copies of hello magazine, there are a few tasks you can get done in those fringe hours so that you can free up your own time later on.

7 side-hustle tasks you can do in the post office queue, Productivity tips for side-hustlers, Side-Business time management, Creative time management tips | Josephine Brooks

1) Check your product pages

So often we put our heart and soul into writing the copy for our product pages but once we’re happy with them, they go live and we forget about them. It’ll only take a few minutes to load up the page on your phone and have a read through. If you notice anything that needs changing or perhaps there’s something you want to add, just make a note in your phone notes to remind you to go back later and make those tweaks.

2) Tidy up your inbox

Set up folders in your email so that once you’ve read and actioned an email you can file it away, making your inbox a clear, zen-like space (well almost). The next time you’re stuck in a long queue, open up your inbox and delete any email you don’t need. Be ruthless on this one. Next, file away your read emails that you need to keep in the relevant folders. Before long you’ll have a much less anxiety-inducing inbox.

3) Do some pinning

Go into your Pinterest app and pin some pictures, pinning little and often is the best way to grow your Pinterest following and Pinterest is a great way of getting people over to your blog. If you're struggling for inspiration, I'm kind of a Pinterest addict so you can check out my boards as a starting point.

4) Download some podcasts

Over the course of growing my current business and my previous side-hustles I have learned so much for free from podcasts. If there’s an area you really want to focus on in your business, have a look for some relevant podcast episodes that you can listen to later when you’re on the commute or off to pick the kids up from school (another way of making the most of your time). Here are my recommendations on the best podcasts and episodes for creatives to get you started.

Pansies on a wooden wreath

5) Check your website stats

If you have google analytics on your website, they have a great phone app which means you can quickly check in on your web stats on the go. Have you seen any spikes in traffic recently that you can attribute to something you did with your marketing? Can you repeat it again in future?

6) Social media admin

This could be editing a few pictures for your next instagram posts, to could be doing an instagram story or replying to any comments on your last few posts. Go and connect and engage with other people’s posts, share your favourite posts and people that you follow, engage in the conversation and foster that sense of community around you and your brand. It’s social media after all.

7) Check your business bank account

How healthy is it looking, is it looking as expected? If it is great! If it rings any alarm bells make a note to have a closer look when you're back home. And, if you don't have a separate account for your business, set one up. It doesn't have to be a specific business account but even just setting up a new bank account will help to keep things separate so that you can keep better track of your business income. 

Think of all of the snippets of time you have throughout your day, waiting in the super market queue, in the doctors waiting room or hanging around at school pick up. When you have a spare moment try a couple of these out and see if they help to save you some time later on in your day.

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