Post Office Queue Productivity, 9 Quick Jobs for the Queue

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My experience of having multiple side-hustles and selling my handmade products online is that you spend a lot of time in post office queues.

Once, I got stuck in the post office queue behind an avid stamp collector. He spent about 15 minutes looking through all of the collectors stamps and asking the man behind the desk if they had any of the stamps he was missing from his collection (he had a loooong list with him).

Meanwhile, luckily I had a few jobs I could get done in the post office queue, just on my phone. Otherwise I probably would have thrown my parcels at the stamp collector and stormed out...

Here's my list of quick jobs for the post office queue

1) Order any postage and packaging supplies you're running out of

Thinking back to when you wrapped up your parcel, were you running low on anything? Seeing as it should be fresh in your mind, now is a good time to top up.

2) Check your product listings

If you tend to batch upload your product listings to your website, this is a great sense check. Have a look through a couple of listings and check for any errors or descriptions you could improve. You might also spot a couple of products that you have more recent photos of.

Handmade cushion being wrapped paper and string

3) Tell your customers that their order has been shipped

After posting orders I would feel a weight lifted from my shoulders, a nice feeling that those orders are out the door. In that moment it can be easy to forget to tell your customers that their order is on it's way. This is a great job to get done in the post office queue so that when you leave, you know you're all done with those sales.

Try saving a template email in your phone notes or google docs (they have a great app) so that you can just copy and paste it into an email and tweak it before you send it to your customer.

4) Do some pinning

Go into your Pinterest app and pin some pictures, pinning little and often is the best way to grow your Pinterest following. Plus, Pinterest is a great way to drive traffic to your shop - particularly if you have some lovely lifestyle photos of your products that you can pin. If you're struggling for inspiration, I'm kind of a Pinterest addict so you can check out my boards as a starting point.

5) Sort out your emails

While responding to emails on your phone sometimes feels like hard work, there are other bits of email admin you can get done in the post office queue. Have a look and see if there are any emails you can file away or delete. Getting your inbox down will help clear your mind and avoid future inbox overwhelm!

Herbal tea, tags and labels and a thank you note for packaging up handmade products

6) Download some podcasts

There are loads of great podcasts for makers and designers. If you have an area you really want to focus on in your business, have a look for some relevant podcasts. Podcasts are great for listening to in the car or when you're making, another way of making the most of your time. 

7) Check your website stats

If you have google analytics on your website, they have a great phone app which means you can quickly check in on your web stats on the go. Have you seen any spikes in traffic recently that you can attribute to something you did with your marketing? Can you repeat it again in future?

8) Edit your next few Instagram photos or do an Instagram story

For makers and designers, posting pictures of you sending parcels off at the post office is gold and the great thing about Instagram stories is that your pictures don't have to be perfectly curated. Once you've taken a picture of your tote bag full of parcels at the post office (great social proof that you're busy and sending out lots of orders) go and respond to any comments you've had or have a look at your favourite hashtags and comment on any pictures and captions that capture your attention. Engaging on Instagram is just as important as posting pictures for growing your followers.

Handmade products wrapped in tissue paper and string ready to be posted

9) Check your business bank account

How healthy is it looking, is it looking as expected? If it is great! If it rings any alarm bells make a note to have a closer look when you're back home. And, if you don't have a separate account for your business, set one up. It doesn't have to be a specific business account but even just setting up a new bank account will help to keep things separate so that you can keep better track of your business income. 


So there are 9 quick jobs you can get done in the post office queue. And they aren't exclusive to the post office queue  either, think of all of the snippets of time you have throughout your day, waiting in the super market queue, in the doctors waiting room or hanging around at school pick up. When you have a spare moment try a couple of these out and see if they help to save you some time. 

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