5 Ways to Reclaim Your Own Time

The glorification of being busy that we seem to have created in western culture is a trap! It makes us feel like our worth is tied up in how much we can get done or worse leads us into burnout and struggles with our mental health. Our time on this planet is so precious and by reducing the amount of time we’re spending being stressed and busy we can enjoy more of those moments we actually enjoy.

On the upside, we do have a lot of tools at our disposal that can help us to reclaim our own time, whether that’s to read a book and get some self-care time in or to work on your side-hustle. There are a few tools and go-to methods that I use time and time again to save time on the boring life-admins stuff especially, and i’ve shared my 5 favourite ways of reclaiming your own time below.

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Online grocery shopping

I can't stress this one enough. Once you've done it a few times you'll get really quick at it and you can also save your favourites so that after a few goes you’ll be able to do your shopping in less than half an hour, from your sofa. It saves so much time and mental energy spent weaving your way through a maze of trolleys, screaming children and checkout queues. Plus, you can do it in your PJ's - win!

Outsource your life

This is another biggie. If there are things you hate doing or you struggle with, outsource it. It could be anything from cleaning, gardening and dog walking to buying your Christmas gifts and decluttering your home. With a quick google you can find a person for pretty much any task. 

Your time is precious and this is a great way of carving out more time to spend on the things you love doing. Here are some more tips on how to get started with outsourcing.

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Ask if you can work from home a day a week

If your side-hustling, ask if you can work from home one day a week. You'll be amazed by how much you get done from the comfort of your own home. By removing all of the distractions at the office like meetings, 'quick' favours and general tea-making chit chat you can really get on with the meaty tasks you keep putting off. You'll also save the time it takes you to commute to and from the office and apply a face of make up, time that you can enjoy for yourself or use to work on your side-business.

Do one thing at a time

Eugh, that sounded just like my mum. But it turns out that she had a point... Although it's tempting to multi-task and it might feel like you're getting lots done at once, multi-tasking isn't productive. One tip I have for this it to write a list of the essential tasks you have for a day and then fold the paper over so that you can only see the top 'to-do' - this helps to keep you focused on one job at a time.

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Slow down

If you're struggling with a project or get to a point of writer's block when the ideas just won't come, take an hour out to go for a walk or just sit in your garden and see what's going on around you. It's brilliant for switching off while ideas and thoughts subconsciously percolate at the back of your mind. You might well find that a short break in the outdoors is all you need to get the cogs whirring again, plus you’ve made time to get outdoors which is one of may favourite ways to spend my precious time.

We’re all individuals with our own quirks and preferences, the key with reclaiming your own time is to find the ways to do it that work for you. Did any of those points catch your eye? Perhaps find some time to try one or two of those ideas this week and see if you can reclaim some of your time for YOU.

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