Simple Steps to Creating a Marketing Calendar

We’ve all written a blog post on the day it was due to go out, right? We’ve all missed our own deadlines when it comes to posting on social media, our blog, sending newsletters and it’s very easy to get into a routine of creating and sharing content at the last minute and then beating ourselves up for it!

The problem with this is two fold, firstly when we’re creating and sharing content from this list minute, stressed out headspace we’re not creating our best work and secondly beating ourselves up isn’t conducive to getting into a better routine moving forwards.

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Creating and sharing consistent content is something I help a lot of my 1:1 mentoring clients with, it’s something most of us struggle with and that’s because it takes a lot of discipline to create and share consistent content. Not to mention the fact that we’re humans, not robots and so the idea of being consistent as a natural, messy, complex human being is even more mind boggling. But we know it’s part of the key to steadily growing a business over time. 

I’ve definitely struggled in the past to blog regularly or and be consistently present on social media.

In this video I’m sharing those first steps towards getting more consistent with sharing content and creating a routine around your marketing. And that all starts with a bit of forward planning.

I’m going to talk you through some simple steps to creating a marketing calendar so that you know what your sharing and where your sharing it, and when. Whether it’s a fortnightly blog post, a monthly newsletter, weekly podcast or video or perhaps its posting on social media more regularly.

Simple steps to creating a marketing calendar

Create your marketing routine

Before you dive into making the marketing calendar, set your marketing routine. What do you want your routine to look like? Perhaps it’s posting on Instagram or Facebook three times a week, sharing a blog post each fortnight and sending a monthly newsletter. Nail down what you want your marketing routine to look like and you’ve made your first step towards sharing more consistent content.

Get your ideas down

Open up a spreadsheet - and don’t let the word spreadsheet put you off, it’s just the best tool for creating a marketing calendar. On the first tab get all of your content ideas down. Don’t worry for now about whether it’s a blog post, podcast, newsletter or social media post idea, just get all of your content ideas and potential titles down on this first tab. This will create a really useful content ideas bank for later on.

Create your blog / podcast / youtube calendar

Open up another tab. This will be your blog, podcast or youtube content calendar. This is where you’re going ti schedule in that content that’s there fore people to really dig into. Put the dates you’re planning to share content on this channel (or these channels) down one side and then allocate titles to each date - taking ideas from your content bank. Remember to allocate any seasonal or time-specific content to the dates first and then fill in the rest of the spaces with the content ideas you’re really excited about and can’t wait to share.

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Create your newsletter tab

I use this tab to plan out the content for my upcoming newsletter. Your newsletter will be the sort of space where you share a consistent format of content. Taking my newsletter for example, each time I send it it has a mini blog post, a Q&A section, a useful resources section and a how you can work with me section. So, in your newsletter tab, create a box for each section of your newsletter where you can stash ideas for your next couple of newsletters.

Create a tab for your social media

Finally, open up another tab for your social media and again, have a brainstorm session and get down as many ideas as you can for posts and captions as you can think of. You can use your content bank to inspire some ideas for this too. These ideas will be there waiting for you when you have a caption blank day (which is often for me)!

At the top of this tab you can also plan ahead with your social media posts, perhaps one or two weeks in advance to help you get more consistent with posting and being visible on social media as well.



In the video I’ve included a sneak peek at my own marketing calendar to give you a visual example of what I’m taking about and show you how I plan ahead with my marketing content.

On a final note, if you miss a blog post or a social media post, remember that we’re humans not robots. Don’t beat yourself up, just focus on getting back on track for the next bit of content you’re looking to share.

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Simple steps to create a marketing calendar for your business, Marketing calendar, Content calendar, Marketing plan, Content plan | Josephine Brooks
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