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Why you need a plan for your creative business (but not a business-plan)

Some makers and designers aren't compelled to plan out their route to growing their business, and for some it works and they grow organically by following the opportunities and ideas that come up along the way. But, I still strongly believe that if you want to make something big happen in your creative business, whether that's launch a new website, create a new product line or introduce a new income stream, you gotta have a plan, ideally on the wall, somewhere where you'll see it every day. 

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How to Plan Ahead for Breaks From Your Creative Business

When you're taking a break from your business as an independent maker or designer, it's not as straight forward as booking annual leave and putting on an out of office. Planning ahead for a holiday or break from your business will give you a better chance of being able to completely switch off while you're away, guilt free! Here's how to plan ahead for a holiday or break from your creative business.

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How to Set Goals You're Excited About

Its a lot easier to work towards your goals and achieve them if you're excited about them. When you're struggling through the tough bits or pushing outside of your comfort zone, it helps to be really, really want to achieve those goals. So, I've pulled together my top goal setting tips to help you create goals you'll want to achieve. 

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