The Unexpected Benefits of In-Person Workshops & Events [video]

Going to any sort of in-person event, workshop or retreat can feel scary. It feels scary on multiple levels. Am I being selfish by investing in myself? Who am I going to talk to? Do I need a cringe, networking style elevator pitch? (spoiler alert: no you don’t!) And the big question, is this workshop worth the investment?

That might be a question you’re asking right now about an event you’ve got in mind, you might even be asking yourself that question in relation to my workshops. Yup, full disclosure; I have recently announced the dates for some workshops that I’m hosting throughout 2019; Your Side-Hustle Route Map, so it’s no surprise I’m talking about this stuff. But I’ve also recently been to quite a few in-person events since leaving my 9-5, as I knew it was a time when I was going to need a little more support then usual from experts and like-minded businesses owners. So, in this post I’m sharing the hidden benefits of going to in-person events that you might not expect when you’re thinking about signing up.

The unexpected benefits of going to in-persone workshops, retreats and events, Investing in self-development, Side-Hustle workshop, Side-Hustle business skills | Josephine Brooks

When I’ve thought about going to in-person events and workshops, I’ve always asked myself these questions over and over, especially the ‘is the investment worth it?’ one. I’ve often hesitated to hit the book now button, sometimes until I’ve had the decision made for me when the spaces sold out. But, from the now numerous in-person events I have been to, I’ve always taken away so much more than I expected, and those are the unexpected benefits that I’m sharing in this post.

Sure you can be confident you’re going to learn about what ever the workshop or retreat is covering, yes you can be confident you’re getting that time to spend on your business and a delicious lunch but what’s not so obvious are the unexpected benefits of going to an in-person workshop or retreat.

You see, there’s something magic that happens when like-minded people come together. Connecting with other people who are in the same boat as you, who just ‘get it’ results in not just learning about what you went there to learn but in uncovering some additional magic as well, as I explain in this week’s video.

We all need to prioritise our self development when we’re growing a business that we’re at the heart of, we also need support to help us along the way. In-person workshops, retreats and events create that unique space where you can combine the learning with support from like-minded business owners.

If this video has inspired you, check out the workshops that I’m running in 2019: Your Side-Hustle Route Map.

Should I invest in a workshop or in-person retreat | Josephine Brooks