What are you scared of? And how to crush those fears

What are you scared of most? And how to crush those fears | Learning to overcome fears when you're growing a business

For so many of us fear holds us back from achieving our real potential, in life and in our side hustles. Have you ever held back from doing something you wanted to do for fear of what others would thing pr because you were scared you’d fail? I’m guessing most people would say yes to that.

The thing is, side-hustling is a big journey of self discovery and with that comes a lot of fears to unpack. Every step to growing my side-hustle has come with at least a little bit of fear but it’s pushing through my fears that have made the difference and helped me grow.

As it’s Halloween I thought I’d share three of the most common fears for side-hustlers and how I’ve learned to manage these fears and move past them. I hope that my tips in this video help you squash your own fears a little so that they’re not holding you back from doing amazing things!

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Stop those fears from holding you back in your side-hustle