A White Christmas in Shropshire

What a treat it was to get snow in December! It felt so festive and although the country ground to a halt (standard) it made for a lovely weekend in the magic of snow at Christmas time

I was in Shropshire for the weekend and only noticed that snow was forecast as I turned up at my mum's. The prospect of snow always gets me all excited like a small child. We have a traditional sledge that my grandpa had made many years ago stashed away in the garage and I couldn't wait to dust it off and head for the Shropshire hills.

A white Christmas in Shropshire | Josephine Brooks

Here are some of my pictures from a snowy weekend in Shropshire to get you in the mood for the festive season. Grab a mulled wine, put your Christmas jumper on and have a scroll.

Old Man's Beard in a snowy landscape
Single Ivy leaf covered in snow - winter wonderland
Country lane in snow, Shropshire, UK
Countryside landscape in a blanket of fresh snow
A white Christmas - countryside in a blanket of snow
Little cottage with a blue door under a blanket of snow - the magic of snow at Christmas (5 of 6).jpg
A lone tree in the middle of a field covered in snow
Green Land Rover Defender in the Snow, Shropshire, UK
Sunset on Clee Hill in Shropshire over a landscape covered in snow - Clee hill
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