Working From Your Garden This Summer - The Essentials You'll Need

As I write this I’m sitting at my garden table in the sunshine under the shade of the big beech tree in my garden with my laptop and a cup of tea. The dogs are chewing up sticks, digging holes and doing all sorts of annoying things around me but hey, if I were inside they’d only be doing the same so this is definitely where I want to be working right now.

The best thing about doing what you love is that you can do things on your own terms - and that includes the option to work outdoors on sunny days. Not all of the tasks in your business can be done from the comfort of a garden recliner but there are some that definitely can. When the sun’s shining these jobs can be done outdoors, possibly with an ice cream in hand.

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Here are 3 essentials for working from your garden this summer

1) A patch of shade

Avoid the glare on your laptop screen by sitting under some shade. If you don’t have a tree in your garden to provide the shade, just use a sun umbrella.

2) A WiFi extender

I plug mine in by the back door and it makes the WiFi signal reach out into the garden. As long as you’re not too far away that should work fine.

If you’re thinking of going to the park to work, you could think about hot-spotting from your phone (just be careful you don’t get charged for using too much of data - check your plan to see how much you can use each month). If you work remotely on the regular, you might want to think about getting a dongle – speak to your mobile phone provider and they should be able to help with this.

3) Extension lead

If you’re planning on making a day of it get an extension lead that can reach into your garden – it’ll be worth the investment, believe me.

That really is all there is to it. If there’s a lovely day heading your way soon, save your admin work for then and make it more enjoyable by doing it outside. Here’s to a long summer of sunny days and working from the garden.

Working from your garden this summer, my tips and 3 essentials you'll need, 3 things you need for working from your garden this summer, using a laptop outside | Josephine Brooks