5 Questions for Making your Business More Profitable

So you’re looking for ways to make your product line more profitable? Perhaps you want to grow your business by introducing a new product line or perhaps you want to look for hidden opportunities that you’ve already got. This exercise will help you identify where you’ve got an opportunity to make your product offering not only more profitable but more varied too, and if you’re someone who likes to have variety in their work, that’s an added bonus.

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New Year Goal Setting & Looking Back

It was the year of Brexit debate,  Prince harry getting engaged and even more Trump (sigh) but what was 2017 to you? How was last year for you? I think it’s really important to look back and learn from each year, to remember the memories you made and learn from what you enjoyed and perhaps also what didn't go so well so that you can take those learnings forward as you level up your side-hustle.

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