intensive mentoring session

Find your focus

An intensive session designed to help you find your focus & get back on track to taking your business where you want it to go. Together we’ll clear the fog, figure out what your priorities are and create a 12-week plan for the projects you’re going to be focussing on.

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 You’re juggling a lot right now and that’s not just your side-hustle. Perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to start, maybe you’ve got tons of exciting ideas for your business but end up making doing none of them happen because you don’t know which ideas to focus on. Or maybe, just maybe you’re in a period where you feel a little adrift and need something to help you find your focus and move forwards with renewed energy.

The thing is, side-hustling can be hugely overwhelming and it feels like it’s all down to you to figure out what projects to give your time, how to carve out time for your business and how on earth to create an all singing, all dancing webpage for that new product you’re trying to launch.

I get it, I’ve been there and I’m cheering you on every step of the way. I can tell you now - it is worth it, you can make it work, and you have every right to put your work out into the world. 

I can do more than just cheer you on though…

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I been doing the side-hustle thing for 7 years, first building a successful product-based business on the side of a 9-5 and later, the business I have now. I know what it’s like to manage your time between a 9-5 and a side-business and I know how uncomfortable it feels to push outside of your comfort zone. But I also know how exciting it feels to see big things happening, to see your ideas become reality and take the leap from a comfortable 9-5.

When I got intentional about building my business, big things started to happen. I took inspiration from the tools I used in my 9-5 as a project manager and using my own flair (and extreme geekiness) for planning and productivity I developed tools for beating procrastination, making effective action plans, streamlining my tasks and being more efficient with my time.

This all added up to and finding more happiness, fulfilment and freedom, not only in the work I do but also in my lifestyle. And I really want the same for you! I want to share my tools and experience with you to help you grow your side-hustle into something magical.  I’d love to be part of your journey by helping you reset your focus and create a clear path forwards for you sand tour business.

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What you’ll get

  • A 90-minute intensive call with me to dig into the challenges you’re facing around your planning and productivity as well as the general ups and downs of building a business as a side hustle

  • A clear way forward and a couple of focus areas or projects for the next couple of months following our chat

  • A recording of our conversation and my notes following the call

  • Email access with me for the following 60 days to help you stay on track and support you in working on the focus areas we set on the call

  • One of my 12-week wall action planners

Find Your Focus 


Intensive 90 minute call & 60 days email support. Now booking for September & October with limited spots.

Your investment: £195 (or 2 instalments of £98)


If you’d like to drop me a message first or ask any questions, drop me a note at hello[at] or use the get in touch form below.

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