A 6-week, productivity boosting course for side-hustlers who’ve got big dreams for their creative business

You started your side-business out of a passion for doing what you love. You’ve got all of the ideas and intention but making a solid action plan that you’ll be able to keep up with seems almost impossible.

You’ve got big dreams for your side-hustle, like growing it to become your full time income and creating the slower, more meaningful lifestyle you long for - but right now it’s a struggle to make the time for it alongside a 9-5 job and other commitments.

Been there! Believe me, I feel your pain

I know what its like snatching minutes here and there to get stuff done in your business, grappling to make a plan that’s actually achievable, dealing with the looks you get at work when you miss yet another evening of work drinks. Building a creative business as a side-hustle isn’t plain sailing.

Being able to work a 9-5 job and build a thriving creative business is some sort of magic, right?

Well, actually… not really. You can grow a thriving creative business on the side of a 9-5 and other commitments but you need an action plan that will really take you places and the productivity tools to help you to work smarter and more efficiently with your time.

Building a business on the side of a 9-5 = more freedom and fulfilment.

I’ve found that having a side-hustle is the best way to create more freedom in my life. The freedom to do what I truly love doing, the freedom to be my own boss, the freedom to work with people who light me up and the freedom to walk the dogs or take a bath in the middle of the day if I feel like it.

My 9-5 has never fully fulfilled me creatively, but through growing a side-hustle I’ve had my own creative outlet to experiment with and grow exactly as I please.

When I decided to get serious about making my side-hustle my full-time thing, I took inspiration from the project management work I was doing in my 9-5. I developed my own 3-step planning method that really started to take my business places and I picked up lots of productivity tools that helped me work more effectively with my time. This all added up to cutting my 9-5 hours and finding more happiness and freedom in the work I do.

And Now I’m sharing all of this with you in my tell-all 6-week course for side-hustlers!


What We’ll cover  

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Here’s the weekly course breakdown

Week 1 – Find your focus

Digging deep into what you want from your side-hustle and getting clear on where your focus needs to be. Setting your goals for the next few weeks.

Week 2 – Creating your 12 week plan

Making your 12-week action plan for your side-hustle using my 3-step planning method

Week 3 – Planning your weeks & writing better to do lists

Writing better to-do lists and planning your weeks more effectively. This week we’ll get to work on your plan.

Week 4 – My best time-saving tactics

Creating a routine that works for you and putting long-term time saving measures in place

Week 5 – Stream lining, systems and outsourcing

Working smarter with your time and finding opportunities for outsourcing and streamlining your tasks

Week 6 – Staying Motivated, on-track and getting the right support

How to be flexible with your 12-week plan, how to stay motivated as you work through it and keeping it up to date as well as staying on track


How it works

Make a Plan > Make it Happen does exactly what it says on the tin.

We’ll spend the first two weeks making a solid 12-week plan for your side-hustle based on what you really want from your side-hustle. The remaining 4 weeks will be focussed on learning tools and tactics to boost your productivity and stay on track with your action plan.

Each Friday you’ll get access to the next week’s course content that includes a 30 minute video from me, talking through the topics for the week and practical exercises with worksheets to help you take action as well as do the big thinking.

Each week there will also be a facebook live for me to answer any of your questions and share what I’ve learned from several years of side-hustling. We’ll also keep the conversation rolling in the weekly thread within the facebook group.

There’s also an audio version of the course that you can listen to on the commute each week.

I’m running this course with a small number of people so that I can give everyone my undivided attention.

What will I learn?

  • My 3-step planning method for side-hustlers which you can then use over and over again.

  • How to give your side-hustle a health check and figure out where your focus needs to be.

  • How to set realistic and achievable goals for your business.

  • How to break your goals down into appertising chunks that you can work on bit by bit each week.

  • How to plan your weeks and write more effective to-do lists.

  • How to prioritise your tasks when time’s tight.

  • How to create a routine that works for you around your 9-5 and other commitments.

  • How to streamline tasks so that they take less time.

  • Getting started with outsourcing and setting up simple systems.

  • How to stay on track with your plan and be flexible with it.

  • How to get the right support, set milestones and stay motivated.

What will I get

  • 6 weeks of practical lessons to take you from making a 12-week plan for your side-hustle to making it happen using the tools that worked for me in my side-hustle.

  • Practical tasks and exercises with printable worksheets to get making an impact on your side-hustle right away.

  • 6 x 30 minute videos talking through the topics and exercises for each week as well as an audio version that you can listen to on your commute.

  • Access to the members-only facebook group where you’ll be part of a thriving community of like minded side-hustlers who can support each other throughout and after the course. I’ll also be in there as well joining the conversation and answering questions.

  • A weekly facebook live with me to ask any questions on the weekly theme and for me to share lessons I’ve learned from my 7 years of side-hustling.

  • A weekly email prompting you to start working on the next week of the course and check in with the facebook community.

  • Full access to the course for 12 months.


Early Bird Places - now on sale!

Ready to get serious about your side-hustle in 2019?



Course only

EARLY BIRD: £145 (or two payments of £75)

Usually: £190 (or two payments of £95)

Course + 60 minute call + email support

Early Bird: £190 (or two payments of £98)

Usually: £250 (or two payments of £125)


Course starts 5th January 2019

I’m running this course with a small number of people so that I can give everyone my undivided attention.

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Who’s the course for?

This course is for the side-hustlers out there who’re ready to get serious about levelling up their business. If you’ve got the drive to put the work in each week and do what’s required to make big things happen in your side-hustle, this course is the kick-start that you need.

If you prefer to learn through one-on-one conversation and get dedicated personalised support and feedback for your side-hustle, you’d likely get more out of my tailored mentoring package


How long will the course take each week?

I know better than anyone how limited time is when you’re side hustling so I’ve made everything as concise as possible when developing the course whilst still keeping all of the stuff in there that you’ll need to level up your side-hustle. The course also comes with audio recordings for each week so that you can listen on the go, or on your commute. As the saying goes through, you get out what you put in, so I’d say you’d need to block out 1-2 hours a week to get the most out of the course.

I’m early on in developing my side-hustle / My side-hustle is already established. does that matter?

Wherever you are in your side-hustle journey, if you’re struggling to plan effectively and make the time for your side hustle this course will help you take your business to the next level, wherever that level may be. I’d been side-hustling for 6 years before I really decided to get serious about levelling up. It’s all about intention, not how long you’ve been side-hustling.

I can’t do the course this time, when will you be doing it again?

I’m putting all of my time and energy into the January course at this stage, so I can’t say exactly when I’m planning to run the course again but I hope to do it again towards the second half of 2019.

I live overseas can I take part in the course?

Absolutely, isn’t that the great thing about the interwebs! The only consideration I want to flag with doing the course from overseas is that the facebook lives each week will run in the evenings (likely at 8pm GMT) so have a think about what time that’ll be for you before you sign up.

I don’t have access to a printer but I see the course comes with printable worksheets, is that a problem?

It’s not a problem at all. The printable worksheets are there to save you time and help guide you as you work through the exercises. You can easily transfer the PDFs into your notebook by hand if you’d prefer to work that way.


Still got questions? Ping me an email