3 months 1:1 mentoring

Make a Plan > Make it Happen

3 months 1:1 support from me to help you find clarity, make a plan and, you guessed it, make it HAPPEN! I’ll walk each step with you as I show you how you can make your vision a reality.


Building your creative business as a side-hustle is your ticket to the slower, more meaningful lifestyle you ache for. I know because I’ve done it myself.

But often, the journey feels like an adventure into the unknown where you hit rocks, reach currents that seem to relentlessly push against you or find yourself drifting, like a ship without sails. I get it. I’ve been there. Building a creative business as a side-hustle can be an overwhelming and lonely place, there’s no one to turn to and ask, am I doing this right? Which way should I go? What should I be focussing on? How can I make this pay?

You have some ideas (or possibly too many ideas) of where you’d like to take your business, but there are too many things working against you right now to get those projects off the ground. The overwhelm, the fear of putting yourself out there, the uncertainty and the fact that you don’t know where to start on the next leg of your business journey.

Would it be helpful to have a route map and someone who can walk with you every step of the way and cheer you on?

Josephine Brooks 1:1 creative business mentoring

What if we were on this adventure together?

I’ll come and find you where you’re lost in the woods and walk each step of the way with you as I show you how you can find clarity and focus on the next leg of your business journey.

I’ll help you skip some of the messy, heart ache-y bits and show you how you can make your vision a reality.

I’ll be your creative business mentor, accountability partner and business buddy - all wrapped into one. We’ll get to the heart of your business and adjust the sails to make sure it’s on track to deliver the kind of business and lifestyle you’re after.

I can help you push past the fear, self-doubt and uncertainty by sharing my tried and tested exercises and tools as well as being the one who cheers you on and really understands what you’re trying to do here.


In other words, we’ll make a plan and we’ll make it happen.

1-1 creative business mentoring

This is for you if:

• You want some support and accountability to help you make a plan and make something BIG happen in your business

• You want to get more organised and consistent in your business

• You have a specific project you want to make happen in your business like pivot your business, launch a podcast, grow your audience, start taking your business seriously, get that idea for a creative business or side-hustle off the ground, get intentional about creating consistent content, rebrand your business, launch new products and services, build a new website…

• You ache to make your side-hustle or creative business support you financially, so you can quit the thing you’re doing just to pay the bills

• You want to talk to someone who’s been there, who gets it, who can give help you lift the fog and walk with you along the path towards the business and lifestyle you long for.

1-1 creative business mentoring

What’s included?

• You get me as your cheerleader! We’ll get to the heart of your business and figure out how you can take it forward in the most impactful and positive way and we’ll work together on making that happen.

• 6 x 1hr audio calls over Skype followed up with extensive call notes after each call and a recording of our chat so you can listen back.

• Tasks and exercises set after each call to help you work through the next step in levelling up your business.

• Unlimited email support from me for those days when you might feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list or to ask specific questions. I’ll be in your inbox cheering you on and giving you my full support every step of the way.

• One of my A1 12-week plan wall planners so that you can make an action plan for your business that will help you stay on track with your projects and plans.

Make a Plan, Make it Happen


Your investment - £750 (or three payments of £255)



Book your free discovery call

We’ll kick things off with a free, no-obligation 30-minute consultation call, so that you can experience what mentoring with me will be like and get the low-down on how I can help you and your business specifically over the course of three months.

Get in touch

Drop me a message and let me know all about you, your creative business and what you’d like my support with, along with any other questions you’ve got about mentoring. (If you want to email me directly, please do, it’s hello[at]josephinebrooks.co.uk)


Got a question?

Field notes.jpg

I’m worried about making the investment 

Investing in ourselves and our businesses triggers all sorts of thoughts and feelings, you’re not alone in that, it’s why I wrote this post on getting past the guilt of investing in yourself. Let me just share this though, when you invest in yourself you’re also investing in others, the people you spend your time with and the people you work with. Your investment gets passed on to your clients and customers who benefit from your higher level of knowledge, or just the fact that they can discover you, and work with you, because you finally got serious about relaunching your website or making your business idea a reality.

I’ve got some exciting ideas but the thought of actually making them happen and putting myself out there is terrifying!  

Getting outside of your comfort zone is always scary, but rather than taking huge leaps into the unknown we’ll nudge out the boundaries of your comfort zone in baby steps (that’s how I got from tiny side-hustle idea to where I am today) and I’ll be there to support you in working through the fear and uncertainty. The other thing I want to say is, there’s an incredible feeling waiting for you on the other side of those small leaps and nudges, I promise.  

I have a track record of starting courses and programmes but not finishing them

The difference with my 1:1 mentoring is that you have me! I’m there to be your accountability partner, checking in with you regularly on email and having conversations with you every couple of weeks. I can give you gentle nudges and together we can figure out what the blocks are that are holding you back and most importantly we’ll find ways to overcome them. My focus in on making sure your business moves up a level, or two, or three in the time we work together so I won’t be letting you get stuck along the way or let the road blocks hold you back. 

What happens once our time together is over?

My creative business mentoring is tailored around you and focussed on giving you the tools and know how to keep your business thriving beyond the time we work together. You’ll have a planning method that you can use time and time again to continue to level up your business and before we part ways we’ll talk about where your focus needs to be for the following few months so that you can continue what we started together. 

If you have any other questions or worries, please feel free to contact me.