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Get serious about your side-business and take it to the next level with my full support over 3 months

You’re super-passionate about your side-hustle. It’s always on your mind and it’s that thing that deep down you really want to be working on as your full-time gig - not your passion project that sometimes takes a back seat. You’re dying to make it your full time thing, you’ve decided its time to get serious about taking your side-hustle to the next level but you don’t know where to start.

How do I make a plan that’s actually achievable and will help me make some big steps towards my goal? How am I going to make the time for my side-hustle and boost my productivity so that I can finally make it my full time gig?

Been there!

I know what its like to crave a slower and more meaningful lifestyle, enabled by making your side-hustle your doing-what-you-love-full-time-hustle. I’ve grappled with the tug of war between my 9-5 and my side-hustle and pushed outside of my comfort zone. I’ve figured out how to make a plan where the small steps add up to big changes and how to make my time more productive.

And believe me, it really helps to have some support and accountability from someone who’s cheering you on every step of the way.

If you’ve decided its time to get serious about your side-hustle, I know you can grow a thriving creative business on the side of a 9-5. It’s not about having one big road map all figured out, it’s about making short term action plans that take you places step-by-step. It’s about knowing what motivates you and how to be smart with your time. It’s about showing up, doing the work and focussing on the most impactful tasks that will help you reach your full-time goal.

And finally, I know from experience its about prioritising your self-development and getting the right support.

Side-hustling your way to the freedom of doing what you love full time is more than possible!

From my own side-hustling experience over the last 7 years, I know that it’s been the best way to create more freedom in my life. The freedom to do what I truly love doing, work that I find creatively fulfilling, the freedom to be my own boss, the freedom to work with people who light me up and the freedom to walk the dogs or take a bath in the middle of the day if I feel like it.

When I decided to get serious about making my side-hustle my full-time thing, I took inspiration from the project management work I was doing in my 9-5. I developed my own 3-step planning method that really started to take me places and I picked up lots of productivity tools that helped me work more effectively with my time. This all added up to cutting my 9-5 hours and finding more happiness, fulfilment and freedom in the work I do.

It’s when I got serious and intentional about making my side-hustle my full-time gig that big things started to happen.

If you’ve decided to get serious about your side-hustle in 2019, I’m right here cheering you on!

But I can do more than just cheer you on. I can help you take a deep dive into your side-hustle and make sure it’s on track to deliver the kind of lifestyle you’re after. Together we can clarify where your focus needs to be and what your most impactful tasks are. I can see where you can improve your planning and boost your productivity. I can equip you with the tools to take your side-hustle to the next level, provide the accountability you need to get things done and help you see that it is possible to reach the meaningful lifestyle you long for through your side-hustle. 



How it works


Here’s a breakdown of how it works

Side-Hustle health check

2-hour call

We’ll kick things off with a 2-hour side-hustle health check where we’ll dig deep into what the lifestyle you long for looks like and how your side-hustle fits in with your vision. We’ll figure out what needs change in your side-hustle and get clarity on where your focus needs to be to really take things up a level. We’ll talk about what struggles you have when it comes to planning and productivity and unpick what’s been holding you back so far.

Together we’ll set some goals for you to tackle over the following few months and I’ll give you the tools you need to break down your goals into small, appetising chunks and create your own 12-week plan using my 3-step planning method.

Levelling up your side-hustle

4 x 1-hr calls

Planning and productivity is a very personal thing, everyone finds different tools and techniques work work for them. These calls are focussed around helping you work through your 12-week plan and introducing you to the planning and time management tools that are going to work for you, including the ones that worked for me on my journey from taking my side-hustle to full-time.

I’ll take you through how you can work smarter with your time, how to plan your weeks more effectively and write your to do lists in a way that provokes action. We’ll also create a flexible routine designed specifically around your lifestyle and look for clever ways to use your time more effectively.

We’ll also cover setting up systems and looking at what tasks you might be able to outsource or just take off your to-do list all together, so that you can free up time to work on the parts of your side-hustle where you really shine. My 1:1 mentoring is entirely shaped around you, so we’ll work through each area at your own pace.

My full support via email

For the 3-month duration

After each call you’ll get a recording sent to you and detailed call notes from me with tasks and exercises specifically designed to help you make big things happen in your side-hustle.

You’ll also be able to drop me an email at any time to ask me questions, bounce ideas off me or for moral support on those days when you’re struggling for motivation.

Make your side-hustle your do-what-you-love-full-time-hustle, with my support every step of the way. 

What will I get?

  • A health check for your side-hustle highlighting where the opportunities are, where your focus needs to be and clarity on how growing your side-hustle can support the slower and more meaningful lifestyle you dream of

  • The tools you need to create your own action plans using my 3-step planning method that you can use time and time again to drive your side-hustle forward

  • A set of new time-saving tools and techniques that will help you make your time more efficient

  • My help on what’s going to work to keep you motivated and how to put those tactics in place

  • The tools and methods that I used to grow my side-hustle and how you can make best use of them to boost your productivity

  • The know-how to make your time more efficient, your to-do lists more effective and your routine work for you.

  • Total support and accountability from me, someone who’s been there and knows what it feels like

  • A cheerleader who’ll cheer you on every step of the way. Someone else who gets it and is as excited as you are for the possibilities ahead.

What’s included?

  • An 2-hr side-hustle health check call for us to dig deep into what you want from your side-hustle and what the meaningful lifestyle you dream of looks like. We’ll pick some areas for you to focus on and I’ll share my 3-step planning method with you so that you can create your 12-week action plan.

  • 4 x 1-hr calls every 3 weeks to chat about how you’re getting on with your action plan and put in place new ways of working more efficiently and productively, that are going to work for you

  • My help with creating a routine and putting time-saving measures in place that will work around your lifestyle

  • Call notes after each call with my comments on what we discussed and a recording of our call so you can listen back

  • Tasks and exercises set after each call that you can work on over the following 3 weeks to help you make some big things happen in your side-hustle

  • Unlimited email support from me for those days when you might be struggling for motivation, feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list or to ask specific questions. I’ll be in your inbox cheering you on and giving you my full support every step of the way.


Ready to get serious about your side-hustle in 2019?

3 Months 1:1 Mentoring - Pricing

£750 (or three payments of £255)

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Is mentoring for me?

1:1 mentoring is best suited to you if you’re looking for the dedicated support and encouragement that you can only get from one-to-one conversations. Perhaps you’re craving some personalised feedback from someone who’s been there or want to create some planning and productivity tools that are tailored just for you. Maybe you want more accountability to help you get serious about showing up and doing the work that it takes to build the meaningful business and slower lifestyle you long for.

If you’re nodding along, the dedicated support you’ll get from 1:1 mentoring is for you.

Alternatively if you’d prefer to work on your side-hustle as part of a community, my 6-week course Make a Plan > Make it Happen might be just what you need.