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In this membership area, you have full access to all workbooks and templates. I’ll also be updating this page with details of the up coming inspiration sessions, Q&A lives and our meet up in December.

The Facebook group will open on the 1st November so we can all kick off together. Eeeek, I can’t flipin’ wait!

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Our regular sessions



  • Inspiration sessions

    • Kyleigh’s Papercuts - Wednesday 13th November 7pm

    • Karen Arthur - Monday 25th November 7pm

  • Live Q&A with Josephine Brooks - 5th November 7pm

  • Group mentoring session - Sign up will be announced in the Facebook group in the 1st week in Nov.


  • Inspiration sessions

    • Susannah Conway - Tuesday 10th December 1pm

    • Sharn Khaira - date & time TBC

  • Live Q&A with Josephine Brooks - 17th December 7pm

  • Group mentoring session - Sign up will be announced in the Facebook group in the 1st week in Dec.


  • Inspiration session with TBC - Date TBC

  • Live Q&A with Josephine Brooks - Date TBC

  • Group mentoring session - Sign up will be announced in the Facebook group in the 1st week in Jan.

The Inspiration Sessions



Kyleigh’s Papercuts

Graphic designer, typography geek and potty-mouthed papercutting ninja in rainbow trainers

Wednesday 13th November - 7pm

Kyleigh's Papercuts

Kyleigh designs and handcuts personalised framed papercut gifts for weddings, anniversaries, milestone birthdays and the like. She also has a range of cards (including her brilliant sweary cards). In addition to all of that she also runs papercutting workshops from her riverside studio/shop based in beautiful Wimborne, Dorset. Kyleigh also runs Handmade Wimbourne – a quarterly craft fair that celebrates local craftspeople, artisans, designers and makers in Wimborne, Dorset.

Kyleigh started her business as a side-hustle to her graphic design job and then later took it full time whilst on maternity leave with her third daughter (well, full-time alongside being a new mum – so not much to juggle then)! The 'baby' is now nearly 9 years old and Kyleigh's business will turn 10 years old in February 2020.

I know Kyleigh’s story will resonate with so many who are building their business alongside a 9-5 or raising young children. I’m really looking forward to hearing more about her business story and I know there will be many laughs on this live too!

Karen Arthur

Fashion designer, maker and educator

Monday 25th November - 7pm

Karen Arthur

Karen is a fashion designer, maker and educator focused on building a legacy in fashion with an emphasis on beautifully handmade, colour focused clothing for women who, like herself, are not afraid to stand up and stand out. 

Karen started her business after a long career in education, having realised her passion for helping women to feel special and valued. 

Karen has also founded Wear Your Happy, after discovering that when she asked her clients ‘what do you love most about your body’ most women struggled to answer. Karen believes that we should be able to celebrate our bodies and uniqueness, rather than be forced to play small and follow the hundreds of rules around fashion that women have been lumbered with. 


Susannah Conway

Author, photographer, teacher

Tuesday 10th December - 1pm

Susannah Conway

Susannah’s business started, completely unplanned, in 2009, right after the financial crash of 2008. She'd gone through a bereavement in 2005 after her partner's death and was unable to work for over a year. Struggling financially while looking for freelance work, she started blogging and in 2008 was invited to teach a local evening class. While she barely earned enough to pay for a week’s shopping, the experience opened her mind to possibilities she hadn’t even imagined, as she’ll explain in our session! 

In her own words: “Walking through the fire of bereavement is how I truly came to inhabit every part of who I am, the shadows as well as the light. I'd always been a writer but through my healing journey I discovered I was also a teacher. My biz has supported me for ten years now (and counting!) and in my third year I hit the hallowed six figures. Along the way I’ve had three books traditionally published, created 13 much-loved and impactful e-courses and built the most loyal and wonderful audience of peeps hailing from over 50 countries around the world. And I’ve done it without trying to be anything other than exactly who I am — proverbial warts and all."

Sharn Khaira

Wedding planner and founder of the Asian Female Entrepreneurs Collective

Date & Time TBC

Sharn Khaira

Sharn Khaira is a business and mindset mentor as well as international Asian wedding planner. In fact, I used to work with Sharn in my day job back in 2013-2014. I’ve seen Sharn take her business from a tiny idea to a huge success, within just a couple of years - working on a huge variety of weddings including some with budgets in excess of £100,000.

Her wedding planning business, Desi Bride Dreams has been featured in some of the biggest UK wedding titles, including You & Your Wedding magazine and Perfect Wedding magazine. We have been featured on global wedding blogs, such as Strictly Weddings, Nu Bride, Secret Wedding and more. 

Sharn has also founded the Asian Female Entrepreneur Collective where she helps Asian women step into their purpose and potential. She views it as  an honour to watch as they discover the best versions of themselves while creating the impact and income they crave. 


 Our December meet up


*Another meet-up further north in the country will be arranged if there’s demand :) - we’ll run a vote in the Facebook group during the 1st week of November.

Christmas Meetup


The Holly Bush pub - 2-minutes walk from Hampstead Tube station. 22 Hollymount,Hampstead, NW3 6SG

The Plan

We’ll have a cosy lunch in our private dining room at The Holly Bush, followed by a gentle walk around Hampstead Heath for everyone who wants to go on for a walk after lunch.

The food

You will need to pre-order food from the menu. Link to pre-order food coming soon.


Please email me to secure your spot :)

Christmas Meet up.png

 The Facebook Page


The facebook group will be opening on the 1st of November, expect an invite to join the group then.

The facebook group is where the conversation will be happening. I really want to keep the conversation going in there. Once it’s open, feel free to post your questions, wins and anecdotes in there any time. In the facebook group you’ll also find all of our live sessions, including:

  • The Inspiration sessions: Live chats with inspiring business owners who share the story of how they’ve grown their business from side-hustle to financially sustainable business

  • The monthly Q&A with me: A monthly live Q&A with me where you get to submit your questions for me to answer.

  • Invitations to join the monthly group mentoring calls: You’ll get the chance to join a monthly Make it Happen group mentoring session where you can get my help with whatever you’re struggling with.

  • Weekly accountability and wins posts: A place where you can share what you’re working on each week and get that added level of accountability you need to make things happen in your side-hustle.

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