[11] Making Time for Self-Care When you're Growing a Business

Making Time for Self-Care when you're growing a business, how to start living a slower lifestyle when you're building a business, Managing Addison's disease when you have a business


On the Make Episode 11 with Jane from Snapdragon Studio on making time for self-care and a healthy lifestyle when you’re growing a business

In this chat we talk all about making time for looking after yourself when you’re building a creative business. After celebrating her 100,000th sale (!) Jane realised she was feeling a little bored with her business, so decided to start a side-hustle. To get the inspiring and creative work that Jane loves doing back into her life she set up the Snapdragon Studio membership.

Jane also manages an auto-immune disease called Addison’s Disease and we talk about intentionally creating a slow and healthy lifestyle. If you’re growing a creative business and struggle to make time for your own self-care, this is a great listen.


  • Jane’s business journey from building a sucessful creative business to reaching 100,000 sales and then starting a new venture.

  • Why Jane decided to expand her business and create the Snapdragon Studio Membership and how she makes time for two businesses without buying herself out.

  • How Jane manages an auto-immune disease called ‘Addison’s Disease’ through being intentional about creating a slow and healthy lifestyle with time for self-care.

  • Her advice for anyone else who’s struggling with their health which isn’t helped by a hectic lifestyle.

  • Jane describes the beautiful place where she lives and works and talks about how being outside in nature inspires her work and recharges her.


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