[15] From Full Time to Freelance - Making More Time for Your Creative Business

Full time to freelance - making more time for your creative business | How to take a side-hustle full time | How to start freelancing


On the Make episode 15 with Agnes Becker on her journey from full-time to freelance

In this episode I chat with Agnes from We Are Stardust about her journey of stepping stones from working full time whilst side-hustling to going freelance to make more time for her creative business. Agnes juggles her freelance work, her creative business and being a mum.

The common thread that runs through all of Agnes’ work is her raw passion to combine science and art. This really shines through in the beautiful illustrations that she creates for We Are Stardust and it’s clear this business has grown from need to fuel that passion.


  • Where the idea for We are Stardust came from and how the seed was planted for Agnes’ business now

  • How Agnes has grown her business while working a full-time job and later while working part time and then by freelancing to create more time for we are stardust

  • What a week looks like for Agnes as she’s juggling freelance work, her business and being a mum alongside all of the other things that spring up in life.

  • Agnes’ advice to anyone else who’s thinking about leaving employment to pick up freelance work or who wants to take the next stepping stone to spending more time on their business.

  • How Agnes has created a routine to work for her.

  • How she finds time to get outdoors and take time out to switch off


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Josephine Brooks