[16] Pivoting your Business and How to Take Beautiful Photos for Instagram

Pivoting your business and taking beautiful photos for instagram, changing direction with your side-hustle, How to create a beautiful instagram


On the Make episode 16 with fashion photographer Olivia Bossert on pivoting your business and how to take beautiful photos for Instagram

During her first year in business Olivia realised that wedding photography wasn’t for her. Although she was great and it and not having any difficulty finding work she decided to pivot her business into fashion and lifestyle photography where her passion really lies. In this episode Olivia shares her experience of pivoting her business.

We also chat about taking beautiful photos for instagram. Olivia shares loads of super actionable tips on how to use instagram for business as well as how to take beautiful pictures for instagram.


  • How living in beautiful Falmouth inspires Olivia’s work

  • Figuring out what it is you really want to do in your business and going after the work your passionate about

  • How Olivia pivoted her business from wedding photography to fashion and lifestyle photography

  • Olivia’s thoughts on whether you should work for free

  • Olivia’s tips for anyone else who’s thinking about pivoting their business

  • Using Instagram for business

  • What foundations you need to have in place when you’re using instagram for business

  • Olivia’s tips on what types of photos to share on instagram and how to find a style that works for your brand

  • Olivia’s tips on how to take pictures of yourself for Instagram

  • How to create a consistent Instagram feed and Olivia’s tips on maintaining the same colours in your feed

  • The basics of taking good instagram photos

  • How to use instagram tropes in a way that’s right for your business


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