[18] Creating the Lifestyle You want by Taking your Side-Hustle Full Time

Creating the lifestyle you want to live by taking your side-hustle full time with Jessica Rose Williams, Taking the leap, Side business to full time


On the Make episode 18 with Jessica Rose Williams on knowing when it’s the right time to take the leap

In this episode I chat to Jessica about her experience of taking her side-hustle full time. Since starting her minimal lifestyle blog in 2017 Jessica has been growing her business on the side of her job. In the summer of 2018 she decided to take her side-hustle to the next level and now helps people live simpler and more creative lives, full time.

We also chat about creating the lifestyle you truly want to live and how simplifying things, whether it’s your home, your wardrobe or your schedule can lead to a happier life.


  • Jessica’s new multi-hyphenate job title since taking her side-hustle full time

  • Why Jessica made the decision to start making her life simpler and get started on her journey to a more minimalist lifestyle

  • Our experiences of decluttering and simplifying our lives, wardrobes and homes

  • Jessica’s tips on how to consciously seek out the things and moments that make you happy 

  • The importance of self-care and doing the things that make you happy in boosting your productivity

  • Jessica’s refreshing approach to success and failure 

  • Jessica’s experience of taking the leap and making the decision to leave her job

  • Creating the lifestyle you want to live – enabled by your own business

  • Preparing to take the leap from side-hustling to full time and overcoming all of the fears


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Josephine Brooks