[26] managing anxiety and depression when you’re a business owner

A conversation about managing anxiety and depression as a business owner - Episode 26 of On The Make podcast with Josephine Brooks and Fiona Barrows


On the Make Episode 26 a conversation with Fiona Barrows on managing anxiety and depression when you’re a business owner

Listening to Fiona’s podcast episode on mental health suddenly made me feel so much less alone in my battle with anxiety and depression that had appeared out of the blue in the spring of 2018. It turns out we’ve had some very similar experiences and challenges this year with anxiety and so I wanted to have a conversation with Fiona to share our experiences and coping tools in the hope that we can help more people who are struggling with anxiety feel less alone.

If you or anyone you know deals with anxiety, I hope this really honest conversation helps you feel less alone and gives you a few tips and ideas for managing your anxiety.


  • When we both started dealing with anxiety and our experience with anxiety and depression

  • What anxiety feels like for both of us and what triggers it

  • How Fiona manages her workload and routine when she’s working through a tough patch of anxiety

  • How Fiona designs her lifestyle to manage her anxiety


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