[34] Finding your focus & dividing up your time | Mentoring episode with Abby Monroe

Finding your focus and dividing up your time a mentoring episode with Abby Monroe - Episode 34 of On The Make Podcast hosted by Josephine Brooks


On the Make Episode 34 - finding your focus and dividing up your time with Abby Monroe

Today’s mentoring episode of the podcast is with artist, maker and tutor, Abby Monroe. Abby’s had to deal with a series of curve balls over the last few years which has altered her perspective on business and was she really wants to do. As a result she’s working through quite a transitional period in her business which has thrown up a few challenges.

We chat about how to prioritise projects and pick which ideas to focus on as well as how to divide up your time between the different areas of your business and make time for creativity.


  • Pivoting your business to something that’s more meaningful to you

  • How the curve balls that life throws at you can change your perspective on business and life in general.

  • Prioritising your tasks, restricting yourself to three focus areas to help you prioritise your tasks and stay focussed.

  • The seasons we all have in terms of when we’re feeling creative and inspired.

  • Picking which projects to prioritise and setting clear goals and deadlines

  • Setting up theme days to make time for creativity in your business

  • How to divide up your time between all of the hats you have to wear when you’re building your own business

Links to resources we mentioned in this episode

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You can connect Abby @abbymonroe and I @josephinepbrooks over on Instagram

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