[47] Expressing Yourself Through Your Writing & Blogging

Better expressing yourself through writing and business blogging with Author and writing coach Greta Solomon - Episode 47 of On The Make podcast hosted by Josephine Brooks | Blogging tips, writing exercises, blogging for business

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On the Make Episode 47 | Expressing yourself through your writing and blogging

In this episode I’m chatting with writing coach, speaker and author of two books Greta Solomon. Greta’s mission is to help people better express themselves through their writing. 

Her latest book; Heart, Sass and Soul, journal your way to inspiration and happiness is the result of what she’s learned about writing from her career in journalism to training people in writing for business to what she does now as a writing coach through her workshops, programmes and books. It’s a complete guide to expressing yourself through your writing and that’s what we’re chatting about in this episode. Greta also shares some super practical exercises to help you boost your confidence with writing and blogging and help you express yourself better.

This episode turned into a bit of a writing therapy session for me! But I know my struggles with writing aren’t unique and there’s lots in this episode than can help anyone express themselves better through writing and blogging.


  • Using metaphors in your writing and what we can learn from the craft of lyric writing and apply to our own creative writing.

  • Unpacking the blocks you’ve got around writing and finding a way to move past them.

  • Shifting your mindset around writing.

  • Finding your voice with your writing.

  • How to build out a piece of writing, from inspiration to figuring out the building blocks and getting to your final piece.

Links to resources we mentioned in this episode

Greta’s Website | Instagram

Order Great’s book Heart Sass & Soul

You can follow us both on Instagram here @greta.solomon and @JosephinePBrooks

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