[48] Making a product Launch Plan [Mentoring Episode]

Creating A Launch Plan [Mentoring Episode] with Agnes Becker of We Are Stardust - Episode 48 of On The Make Podcast - Josephine Brooks

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On the Make Episode 48 - Making a product launch plan, with Agnes from We Are Stardust

In this mentoring episode I’m talking about making a product launch plan with artist and scientist Agnes Becker from We Are Stardust. Agnes has been running her business as a side-hustle since 2016 and she’s now juggling it alongside looking after her 18month year old daughter and doing some freelance work as well.

Agnes has a lot on her plate so understandably she often struggles to find enough time to work on her creative business which results in sporadic new product launches which are also sometimes a little last minute.

We look at introducing a launching cycle in her business to create a routine that will help her plan ahead more effectively and keep launching seasonal card designs and prints each quarter. We also talk through making a 12-week plan for the following few months to help embed this new seasonal routine.


  • Doing less and focussing on what’s making the biggest, most positive impact.

  • Making time to nourish your creativity.

  • The guilt a lot of mum’s feel around contributing to the household income and the patriarchal systems that make a lot of us fall into the trap of thinking being a full-time mum has less value than bring in the cash.

  • Setting three focus areas to work on at a time, limiting the projects you’re working across so that you can go for quality not quantity with your projects.

  • Creating a launch plan.

  • Creating a regular routine with launching new products.

  • Being realistic with your action plan and using your gut to help you strip back how much you’re putting on your to-do list.

  • Thinking of a launch as a gradual build up and planning ahead for a launch.

  • Testing and learning as you go, treating projects in your business like experiments to guide you forwards.

  • Tackling perfectionism, particularly when it comes to sticking to a launch date

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