[50] Tackling Overwhelm Through Prioritising and Creating Routines

Tackling Overwhelm Through Prioritising and Crerating a Routine - Episode 50 of On The Make / Make a Plan, Make it Happen podcast hosted by Josephine Brooks

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On the Make Episode 50 | Tackling overwhelm through prioritising and creating routines

In this episode I chat with life coach Jayne Ashby about the overwhelm, that so often feels part and parcel with those early stages of growing a business. Jayne talks about that feeling that we all get from time to time where the to-do list just keeps on growing until it gets to the point where it’s so overwhelming you start ignoring it.

This episode is focussed on tackling that overwhelm by putting a routine in place and finding a way to prioritise between all. of. the. tasks!


  • Figuring out your priorities when you’re starting a new business and figuring out where’s most efficient to spend your time.

  • Building a community around your work and growing your audience before you monetise your business.

  • Checking in with the mix of channels you’re using to build that know, like and trust factor with your audience.

  • Where to start with setting up a mailing list and figuring out what to share in your newsletter.

  • Creating a routine around your work to help you with putting out consistent content.

  • Getting to know your audience on a really human level to generate caption and blog post ideas.

  • Growing an audience on Instagram, the pitfalls and comparisonitis that comes with it.

  • Being more efficient with your time and getting past procrastination.

  • Keeping an organised and minimal to-do list.

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