[51] Discovering & Developing Your Self-Worth

Discovering and developing your self worth with Kat Nicholls | Episode 52 of On The Make podcast hosted by Josephine Brooks.png

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On the Make Episode 51 | Discovering and developing your self-worth with Kat Nicholls

In this episode I’m chatting with writer and self-worth coach Kat Nicholls. When Kat was younger she struggled a lot with her mental health and also developed an eating disorder. It was discovering and developing her self-worth that had a huge impact on her recovery and that’s why she’s so passionate about helping others develop their self-worth.

In our conversation we take a deep dive into how self-worth, self-care and having the confidence to grow a creative business are so closely tied and how discovering and developing your self-worth will give you a head start when it comes to building your business.

Your business thrives when you do

- Kat Nicholls


  • Why developing your self-worth is an essential and intrinsic part of growing a business.

  • How you can start to shift your mindset away from the association between self-care and selfishness.

  • Fully understanding the benefits of making time for your self-care and making self-care a priority in our every day.

  • Setting firm boundaries in your business and where to start with putting them in place.

  • How we can start to build a better relationships with ourselves AND our businesses.

  • Kat’s playful way of challenging her inner critic that I’ll definitely be trying.

  • Creating a habit of acknowledging your achievements and celebrating your wins as part of your daily routine.

  • Creating a routine around your self-care.

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